Comics Review Pt. 1: Holy Crap, There’s a Lot of Marvel


I have a giant pile of comics and I’m going to try to get through them all and include a brief review.  Let’s go!

Star Wars #1:

I wasn’t sure about this one because I’m not a huge Star Wars fan and I don’t know all the backstory. I’ve seen the movies (the original trilogy multiple times) and that’s it. No secondary media for me, until now. It was actually pretty good. I didn’t feel lost and the artwork was fantastic. I hate it when I get a comic that’s an adaptation from a TV show or movie and I can’t recognize characters. Everyone was very clearly identifiable and felt familiar. It’s not made my pull list yet, but I’ll probably pick up #2 to continue evaluating and I see there will be a Leia specific book which intrigues me. Fun fact: the writer (Jason Aaron) is a Kansas City native!

Rocket Raccoon #5:

The artwork is great. The writing and cover art is done by Skottie Young (who will be at Planet Comicon this year!) and Jake Parker did the brilliant interior art. The story is a cute conceit–Rocket and Groot are telling stories around a campfire and it’s Groot’s turn. Which means that the dialogue for 17 pages is “I am Groot.” Um. I love Groot and all, but damn. So anyways, the story is still easy to follow thanks to the great art and it ends in a party. Who doesn’t love a party?

Axix: Hobgoblin #1 and #2, Marvel:

So…Funny. I laughed out loud at least once. I have no plans to continue with the series. I have no prior attachment to Hobgoblin and while the constant shilling was hilarious, it would get old fast.

Captain America: Peggy Carter, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Didn’t finish it. I love the MCU Peggy Carter and the beginning story was interesting. Unfortunately, we then went into comics past and the writing is sexist, the storyline is overwrought, and I just can’t get with the older artwork. Let’s just say I really appreciate the advances in printing which made better coloring more accessible.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 – #10 (Marvel):

Welp. I saw Loki as a unicorn, he was judged worthy to hold Mjölnir, ditched his BFF, visited Latveria and won a fight with Thor. Not all in the same issue or in that order. I’ve enjoyed watching Loki try to recreate himself, it’s been interesting. As a trickster, Loki is ever-changing and that always gives the writers room to move with him. I hope this series sticks around for a while longer. There was a crossover sequence or three in there which…eh. And then Thor–excuse me, now he’s Odinson–came in to apologize for being a dick. I was thrown off for a whole two pages until Odinson reverted to dick mode. All is well.

Thor #2 and #3:

More from Jason Aaron! A woman now has Mjölnir and is the Goddess of Thunder. There’s some enjoyable bits in here where she’s learning how to wield the hammer and I’m loving her internal dialogue. I’m looking forward to the next issue when the previous Thor (big burly blond dude who constantly makes bad decisions) tries to take Mjölnir back from the current Thor (badass Goddess of Thunder). I remember when it was announced that a new Thor was going to take up the hammer and it would be a woman. I was standing in the comic book shop that week, waiting in line to purchase my comics and had to listen to guys whine because Thor was going to become a woman. In front of me. A woman. The world of comics has a long way to go, but hopefully characters like Thor will help.

Ms. Marvel #9 and #10:

Fuck yeah, Kamala Khan! If there’s not a blog out there with that theme, I’ll be making one this weekend because hell yes. Favorite line: “Okay, explain this to me like I’m dumb.” Here, this has some preview pages so you can get a glimpse of why I love this series so very much. She’s an Inhuman, which ties in with what Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. is up to and the upcoming Inhumans movie. Considering that the Captain Marvel movie comes out July 6, 2018 and Inhumans is slated for 11/2/18, I’m hoping that Ms. Marvel will be introduced in the Captain Marvel movie and is then featured in Inhumans.

Captain Marvel #9 – #11:

Speaking of Captain Marvel, it’s time to check in on Carol Danvers! So…there was a rhyming issue. Next. Someone tries to take over NYC with rats and the tale is told in a series of letters. Cute, but rats are awesome. Make it cockroaches and I’ll be horrified, I promise. And then there was Santa? Oooook. All three issues were fairly kooky. Enjoyable, but definitely kooky.

She-Hulk #9 – #11:

I am going to miss Jennifer Walters so much when this series wraps up with the next issue. The art is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the focus on her law career and how she’s been portrayed as a well-rounded person with principles who occasionally turns green and fights things. Bonus awesome points for the trial that was the focus of these issues–Jennifer defending Steve Rogers (Captain Marvel) in a civil case for wrongful death. Her opponent? Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil.

Black Widow #12 – #14:

Phil Noto’s artwork is so good I go back and stare at pages just to enjoy it. Things are starting to pick up. Isaiah’s been shot and I’ve learned enough about Natasha to know that’s not going to fly. She’s on the warpath now, in a way she wasn’t before. I was pleasantly surprised to see Clint Barton (Hawkeye) show up because he’s one of my favorites. Bonus points for Tony Stark being a dick in #12. I’m happy to note that Natasha has gone from indifference towards Liho at the beginning to making sure that someone grabs her so she can hide her in a safehouse. Pretty sure that means Natasha is officially owned by a cat.

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #2 – 4:

Human Disaster Clint Barton vs. Merc with the Mouth Wade Wilson. Snarky idiots being stupid together. What’s not to love?


First and foremost, I’m sure you wanted to see my Christmas wishlist this year.

If your favorite charity is not me (and we need to have words about your priorities if it is me), you may wish to consider a donation to Water Defense, the Ferguson Defense Fund or help pay for self-defense classes for women.

Life has been busy lately and even when I have nothing to do, I’m busy doing something. I really need to take some time to relax. I’m pretty sure that kittens would help me destress.

I love this collection of Feminist Princess Bride tweets. This one is my favorite:

If you’re a Potterhead, you definitely want to take a look at this concept art for Harry Potter: The Creature Vault.

Sticking to Harry Potter for a moment, you might be interested in I Ship It, starring Mary Kate Wiles.

Have I tried convincing you to watch Classic Alice yet? If not, I’m going to step back and leave it to Snobby Robot. Seriously. Watch Classic Alice.

Finally, I leave you with Michael Bublé. Because why not?

Links Roundup


I haven’t had much to talk about on here lately. Life is still happening, but some things are just for me and the rest have just seemed too mundane to bother putting on the blog.

I mean, I’m sure you’re all thrilled that I found a Baskin Robbins less than 5 minutes away from my apartment, but I’m pretty sure it’s not blog-worthy. I’m willing to concede that it is Instagram-worthy.

I used to do link roundups ages ago and they were all nice and automated thanks to Delicious. Unfortunately, that’s no longer a practical option, so you’ll now get quality Christy rambles with the links.

One of my favorite advice sites is Captain Awkward. The advice given is practical and rarely involves suggestions like “Suck it up, Buttercup. Keep the social contract.” The comments are well moderated, so you don’t get that scuzzy feeling when you accidentally scroll down too far. I especially like it when the letter writer comments to share how the post helped them, like in this post which delves into recognizing emotional abuse. Having had the “I don’t want to take sides” friend and having been the “I don’t want to take sides” friend, I found this post to be very interesting.

One of my favorite responses to the cat-calling video has been #DudesGreetingDudes, which does an excellent job of highlighting the ridiculousness of “What’s so bad of saying hi to a woman?”

To my followers who possess an active uterus and a smartphone, I suggest downloading Clue. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store, so Android and Apple users can be happy. It’s not blindingly pink, doesn’t get starry-eyed over ovulation and has a simple interface that helps you enter information about pain, mood, flow, etc.

If you’re in the Kansas City area or interested in nerdiness, you might like to know that John Barrowman will be here for Planet Comicon next year. He’s been in a lot of things, but my main love for him is as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood.

If you’re looking for a new place to send your money, I suggest Worldbuilders which partners with Heifer Interational to get livestock to people in need, which helps fight against poverty (I recommend clicking through for less hand-waving and more explanation). Worldbuilders is in the middle of a donation drive, which means that if you donate, you may win some pretty nifty prizes (fantasy novels signed by the author, cool games, etc.).

If you’re feeling like supporting smaller animals, you may want to check out Baby Warm, which gives incubators to wildlife rehabbbers.

Last, but certainly not least, I leave you with Shia LaBeouf.

Lunden Needs New Wheels!


I don’t know how it is for most people, but I know so much more about the people I went to high school with now, than when I was spending 7 hours a day with them. Yay Facebook?

I felt gross typing that, excuse me.

Anyways, there was a pleasant drift for the years immediately following high school, but around six years ago when we started planning our ten-year reunion, I somehow started accumulating high school friends and acquaintances on Facebook. It’s interesting to see who ended up with a completely different life than what you expected for them, who got knocked really young, etc.

Now, I like to observe people. I tend to stay back and not say much unless I know you well. I have several friends who thought that I was just this very quiet, sweet girl in the background and then were surprised when I felt comfortable enough around them to bust out my actual personality, which is typically heralded by a curse word or six.

The point I’m ever so slowly getting to is that I’ve been keeping an eye on my classmates lives for the past six years. Not in a weird way or anything–I just skim Facebook while making sure that I’m not missing any birthdays or posts that I’ll be quizzed on later. As I’m lazy, most of my high school acquaintances and friends are still there. I weeded out the ones who pissed me off and just left it alone after that.

There are a lot of stories I could tell you about my classmates. There have been marriages, divorces, new jobs and new babies. Those who know me (AKA have made it to the “When does Christy ever stop swearing?” phase), know that babies and children aren’t really my thing. They’re great for other people, but I’m not a fan for myself.

That said, there have been a few kids who have captured my attention. My nieces, of course. They’re cute little blonde horrors who giggle a lot, have plenty of personality and they promise to drive my sister to distraction by the time the youngest turns 18.

One of the other children on Facebook who has my attention is Lunden. I was vaguely aware of her mother’s pregnancy, but didn’t pay it much attention because honestly, I think there was just some sort of baby explosion going on at the time. It seemed like everyone was pregnant (except me, hurrah!).

However…then there was a fair amount of silence. And then the posts started. Lunden was born, but it turned out that she has lissencephaly, which is a brain malfunction–her brain is smooth and doesn’t have all the lumps and bumps that most brains do.

At first, they didn’t even know if she was going to make it out of the hospital. She’s come a long way over the years, but as you can imagine, it’s been tough on her family’s finances. Healthy children are fucking expensive, but children who need medical are astronomically expensive.

Her parents do a great job taking care of her and I’ve seen them make all sorts of changes and cuts in their lives to make her life the best possible. However, she’s doing that thing that kids do–she’s growing. They previously able to pick her up and carry her around, but she’s gotten too big for that and needs a wheelchair now. With wheelchairs, come the need for vans. Unfortunately, they’re not able to afford the van on their own and have done something I’ve not see them do a single time over the years–put up a donation page.

I’ve put something in the bucket. If you can afford it and you think that Lunden deserves to see as much in life as possible, please consider donating as well.

There was going to be a fancy widget here, but WordPress was being snotty about that.

Donate here!