Five Day Weekend!


It’s my birthday on Saturday, so I thought I’d celebrate by not working. ;-)

Today I am possibly going to lunch with my grandma, watching lots of useless tv and perhaps doing a spot of laundry.

Tommorrow! Helping a friend move. Blargh. Possibly bowling as a birthday celebration.

Birthday! Lunch with Mom. Perhaps bowling as a birthday celebration (we’re not certain what night is best at the alley yet. When I know, I’ll update.

Sunday! NOTHING. Staring at the walls, perhaps the TV, perhaps the spinning wheel. NO PLANS WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday. Sitting in my apartment, snickering because I am not at work.

Upcoming Torture


I just did something I hate to do–locked the cat up in the bathroom for the night.

The problem with this is that she is spoiled rotten and is completely used to having full run of the apartment. When she is locked into a room or locked out of another room, she tends to get cranky. Noisy, too.

I have a night of yowling ahead of me.

However…she has stopped being friends with her litterbox. Whether it’s the litter, the box, her food, or something else, she’s decided that the appropriate place to crap is about six inches away from the box.

As you may guess, this is perhaps not the most endearing habit she has. It’s down below messing with the trash or waking me at 6:30 in the morning.

The theory is that I will be keeping her in the bathroom overnights with a litterbox available to her and her food and water. In the daytime, she can roam free while I am gone, so long as I do not come home to crap on the floor. If that happens, she’s only allowed out of the bathroom when supervised until she goes a week without fouling my carpets.

Or I go insane.

Really, it’s whichever happens first.

An update, for the curious ones. The devil kitty has decided that the litterbox in the bathroom is just fine and there is no longer a need to poop on the carpet. Excellent.

Kate: Never fear, the evil one does not stoop to unique pooping locations such as my shoes or favorite purse. She goes in for the lack of sleep approach, where I am kept awake by a combination of scratching in the carpet, running around the apartment, knocking things down, attacking my feet and meowing loudly and often.

TV Tonight


OK…haven’t posted in a few days, so you are stuck with TV ramblings. I was gonna do a heartfelt, rambling post about the non-existent state of my love life, but then I ate chips and dip and watched a Cal-heavy episode of Studio 60.


You think you can dance, eh?

Whew! Some people out there, not so much. This is kind of like the first few episodes of American Idol every season. The good, the bad and the downright ugly get out and shake their booties for the judges. I enjoyed Nigel’s commitment to not being mean…while it lasted. I’m looking forward to next week and more snide comments from Nigel. The dancing probably won’t be as much fun for me to watch until they get out to Vegas and start weeding folks out.

Studio 60!

I was afraid that after such a LONG PAUSE (thanks, NBC asshats), that I might not care so much about the show when it came back. They wisely decided to skip focusing on Matt & Danny and paid attention to the show.

Part of the reason why so many people didn’t like the show about a sketch show was that we didn’t see very much of the sketches or the background for the sketches. This was a fun look at S60 on a bad night. The Disaster Show, in fact.

The best part for me was how heavy on Timothy Busfield it was. He has consistently amused me throughout the entire season. Highlights for him were lying to the host that the cue cards would be out there, the bomb squad dog and the way he just went back to work after finding out about the bomb threat.

I also enjoyed Steven Weber‘s scenes. He just has this dry quality to his snarkiness which makes me happy. Honestly, he wasn’t really *needed* for this episode, but his observation about the ten seconds of dead air (while he was drunk) was just too much fun to miss.

I am a dork, reason #1


If I need to be cheered up, I will visit my Etsy feedback so I can read all about what a great buyer I am.

(Mom just closed her eyes and groaned)



I will award a prize to anybody who can guess my favorite song. The prize may be handspun yarn, baked goodies, a copy of my favorite book. Whatever seems appropriate for the winner.


It’s older than I am.

It’s not rock or country.

It’s not the Beatles.

It was used in a few films and television commercials.



Kettle Chips Spicy Thai flavor is quite yummy, I suggest picking up a bag. I don’t like spicy things, but I am making an exception for this chip.

Found someone who makes cookies almost like my great-grandma did (she’s not dead, just in a nursing home). The cookies are fabu.

CBS cancelled Jericho and now there’s no show on that network I specifically make an effort to watch. I would do a better job of sharing my opinion, but I figure that perhaps swearing is not the answer. Not getting attached to any shows that CBS airs is the answer.

Speaking of cancelled shows, Studio 60 is now officially cancelled. ‘Cause, um, we didn’t figure that out ages ago.

Have started watching SERIES TWO (did that just for you, Aaron) of the new Doctor Who. Ahh….new Who. It’s a good thing. David Tennant is quite funny and I’ve almost managed to forget that he is Barty Crouch Jr in HP&tGoF. Almost.

I keep forgetting to toss my hand cream into my purse. I looked at my hands this morning and they were so dry they were ashy. Didn’t know that could happen on whiter-than-white skin, but apparently it can.

I need to go out and start doing stuff. I’ve found myself just sitting around because I didn’t want to do anything but hole up in the apartment, wait for my hair to turn grey and for Spaz to mysterious multiply. I then realized how incredibly scary it would be to have more than one of Spaz. Therefore, I need things to do. Went through my book of KC stuff and found that next month, there’s the Lenexa BBQ battle, a picnic on Strawberry Hill and Downtown OP days. I’m sure that out of those thing things, I can manage to get off my arse at least once and go to one of them. Optimistically, all three. Anyone want to go with me?

The car has been trying to drive me insane. In the past six months, it has been towed numerous times. There was the snowstorm when I blew out my two back tires trying to go up a snowy, icy hill. Then there was the busted hoses that were leaking antifreeze all over JoCo. After that, came the alternator. Three short days after that, the replacement alternator died. So, if any of you are buying lottery tickets and you win and you wonder what you will do will all that cash, may I ask for a car? Nothing fancy, just something with all its windows (which go up & down without arguing with you), working heat and ac, and no major mechanical issues.

I just finished re-reading ‘A Little Princess’ last night. It’s such a great story; I’ve never gotten tired of it. I love the thought of how Sara must have felt when she woke up and found her cruddy little room transformed.

I have a little pink elephant sitting on my desk. He says “hi.”

Lillian Jane has arrived!


After some poking and prodding (and drugs to induce contractions), my niece Lillian Jane has finally arrived. I hope she won’t get her sense of time from her daddy. ;-)

She was born at 6:14 pm and weighs 7 pounds, 8.6 ounces and is 18 inches long.

Lillian Jane Jones

The past 24 hours


Got to see my grandma because she drove me to work.

Took 45 phone calls instead of working on emails. You know, my job. The emails.

Found out that my alternator had gone out, but my uncle was able to get a used part, so it’ll be fairly cheap. PLUS, he towed the car back for me, so I didn’t need to go up to KCK to fetch it.

Went to the library to knit, got to catch up with the girls and check out a new knitting book I’ve been interested in. Found out I might get to go to the Heart of America festival after all.

Walked home and heard a high-pitched squeaking sound. You know the one–wild animal in pain or dying. Walked around, trying to find it. Cat streaked across my path, but it was obviously ok. Figured I had been wrong, until I saw my neighbor’s patio with the dying squirrel on it. Thought he was dead until I got closer and saw he was breathing heavily. Rang the neighbor’s bell to see if she had the # to animal control. Unfortunately, while we were looking up the number, the cat came back and carried off the squirrel. Ugh. But hey, I got to meet my new neighbor. Gonna show her around OP someday.

Finally came home & found out I’d gotten a comment on my blog that wasn’t produced by nagging Joey. Thanks, Beth!

My sister was induced at 7 this morning, so hopefully I will have a niece by the end of the day.

Spaz says hi to the world. And that she would really like to break down the screen door so she can be with the birds.



I had a crappy day at work today, mostly due to two things.

1. They don’t have enough people on the phones even though they knew that we would be short if they didn’t hire more people three months ago.

2. Incompetence and poor planning. See 1.

So tonight it’s me, some laundry, some wine and possibly some pizza. I just can’t work up the energy to do anything more fulfilling.

Car Woes


So, I am currently sitting at home, 20 minutes after I should have been at work.

Why, you ask?

Well, got into the car this morning, turned the key and heard a funky sound over the radio. Eh, whatever. Car makes funky noises all the time. It’s 16, it’s got a right to make funky noises.

But…then the battery light came one. Now again, 16 year old car, I am used to weird stuff. The brake light occasionally comes on for no reason, as does the air bag light.

Never seen the battery light come on.

Alternator issue? Most likely.

Driveable to work? Hardly.

No good. :-(

Now I need to find a ride to work and find some Tums, ’cause dammit, this is upsetting me.