TV Tonight

OK…haven’t posted in a few days, so you are stuck with TV ramblings. I was gonna do a heartfelt, rambling post about the non-existent state of my love life, but then I ate chips and dip and watched a Cal-heavy episode of Studio 60.


You think you can dance, eh?

Whew! Some people out there, not so much. This is kind of like the first few episodes of American Idol every season. The good, the bad and the downright ugly get out and shake their booties for the judges. I enjoyed Nigel’s commitment to not being mean…while it lasted. I’m looking forward to next week and more snide comments from Nigel. The dancing probably won’t be as much fun for me to watch until they get out to Vegas and start weeding folks out.

Studio 60!

I was afraid that after such a LONG PAUSE (thanks, NBC asshats), that I might not care so much about the show when it came back. They wisely decided to skip focusing on Matt & Danny and paid attention to the show.

Part of the reason why so many people didn’t like the show about a sketch show was that we didn’t see very much of the sketches or the background for the sketches. This was a fun look at S60 on a bad night. The Disaster Show, in fact.

The best part for me was how heavy on Timothy Busfield it was. He has consistently amused me throughout the entire season. Highlights for him were lying to the host that the cue cards would be out there, the bomb squad dog and the way he just went back to work after finding out about the bomb threat.

I also enjoyed Steven Weber‘s scenes. He just has this dry quality to his snarkiness which makes me happy. Honestly, he wasn’t really *needed* for this episode, but his observation about the ten seconds of dead air (while he was drunk) was just too much fun to miss.