I went to see Hairspray tonight and had so much fun! It has a great cast, great songs and fun dance numbers. Plus, a message. We all love messages, right?

Well, you should.

Anyways, go see it!

For folks in the KC area, movies are $6 when you go to Studio 30 on weeknights, which even takes away the “ain’t got no money” excuse.

Putting this down on the “to buy” list. Perhaps even the “go see again in theater” list.

‘Cause you can’t stop the beat!

Harry Potter (no spoilers, I promise)

We got to Borders around 8:00 and picked up our bracelets. We were Blue 3, which just meant we were in the third section of the third group. It was a bit crowded about that time, sort of what you’d expect in a last-week-before-Christmas crowd.

From that point, it just snowballed. More and more people kept showing up. When we decided we wanted drinks, it took us 15 minutes of waiting in line.

By midnight, there was no discernible organization. We were all still just standing around at that point. They started calling for everyone in the first group to line up and people finally started to trickle out of there.

I had expected a well-organized and planned event. Instead, the lady on the loudspeaker was not loud enough to be heard over all of us breathing. We exeeded the fire code by a great deal, but nobody was herded outside. There was no order to the line and it was incredibly easy to cut.

By the time it was our turn to get in line, I was tired and feeling faint due to the hundreds of people being crammed into a relatively small space.

Got out of there at about 1:15, home shortly after.

Finished the book just before 7:00 and fell asleep to daylight.

I didn’t think that it was written quite as well as I have come to expect from JKR–the middle feels a bit slow to me. The resolution of the book was what I expected. Honestly, after re-reading HBP last week, I was more interested in how she was going to handle Snape than Harry. I thought that Snape was handled well.

Anyways, if you’re a Potterhead and haven’t read it yet, shame on you. If you are and liked it, email me or IM me and we’ll gossip about it. My domain name is rather helpful for figuring out my gmail address and how to IM me on most mediums. :D

Mischief managed!


Tonight is the night. I shall be whisked away in a magic carriage, will eat the finest of foods and then I will experience culture.

Translation: A friend is gonna pick me up, we’re going to go to Panchos and then we’ll go stand in line for our Harry Potter books.

Yay nerdiness!

For my beloved Harry’s sake, I have forsaken:

going out on a date
going to see Hello Dolly (one of my fave musicals) at Theatre in the Park
going to a barbeque
going to a pool party
going to a party party

Why the world is not standing still this weekend for us HP freaks, I would like to know.

Ah well.

So, I’ll get my book tonight, dive into it, read as long as I can stay awake, take a nap, wake up and finish it.

I suspect that by this time tomorrow I will have a slight headache, a feeling of loss and the knowledge of that famous last sentence which ends with the word scar.

I’m taking myself offline very shortly, so there’s no point in trying to give me spoilers. If you do, I will do my best to make your life a misery, which I am well-equipped to do. Ask Jess sometime.

In other, slightly less nerdy news:

Terri has graciously lent me a monitor so I can once again see my linux computer. Hurrah!

I was invited to put stuff in a garage sale in a couple of weeks. I decided that this meant I should de-clutter. I asked Mom if she wanted to help me. After her giddiness wore off, she accepted and came over last night. I have a huge pile of stuff to be labelled, several bags of trash and some rickety bookcases tossed out and access to my crafty wall. Yay for Mom! Would never have done it without her. :-)

Despite my excitement over Sci-Fi running a Dead Like Me marathon a few weeks ago, I ended up deleting all the episodes on my DVR. Just too much to watch, taking up too much room and mental time.

I’m sad that Hok got knocked off of So You Think You Can Dance last night. I expected it, but I will miss him. I’m kind of upset that Anya got cut instead of Lauren.

I just got a lovely new roving from Flawful Fibers. It’s a merino/bamboo mix that is what I want to call a moody pink. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to take pictures.

Freezer Aisle at Target

I picked up some Archer Farms Spinach/Artichoke things that are wrapped up sorta like wontons or crab rangoon.

These things are AWESOME! Ten minutes in the oven and I have self-contained gooey spinach, artichoke and cheese yumminess at my fingertips. Can’t wait until I get paid so I can buy some more. :-)

Waiting for the heat to break

Oh wow….every year, Kansas in July surprises me. Up until July, I can normally forget how hot it gets and the strength of the humidity. I forget that if you stand outside too long and breath deep, it feels like you are swallowing the air. Come on, October!

Had Eve over Saturday night and we hung out, drank, ate yummy pizza and watched New Kids on the Block videos. Have I mentioned that I have a DVD of NKOTB music videos? No? Well, let me tell you. This is the perfect way to laugh at your childhood and enjoy some hella cheesy moments.

Because it was 7/7/07, Eve insisted we stop at the gas station and buy some lottery tickets. I decided to join her, since I was already buying some Pepsi. Lo and behold, one of my scratcher tickets yielded $50. Thanks KS lottery, you bought me some new shirts, underwear and blue mascara. It’s appreciated, really.

I also finished some yarn on Saturday, so I’m really running out of excuses for why I haven’t put anything up on Etsy yet.

Went out for pie with my friend Robby last night. It was a bit frustrating, because we both ended up with french silk and it just wasn’t that good. It wasn’t until we made it to the counter to pay that we saw it—lovely, luscious pecan pie. Grr…

When I got home at 1:00 last night (pie expeditions only take place late at night), it was to find that my KVM (that’s Keyboard Video Mouse switch to my non-techies, which is probably all of you) had died. My monitor kept flickering on/off and nothing would stay on. So, if anyone’s feeling really sweet and is in the KC area and has a monitor just laying around, I love you. Or a spare KVM switch (not that such a thing exists). Otherwise, my Kubuntu box (that’s linux, y’all) is just gonna sit on the floor, feeling sad and neglected because I am WAY too fucking lazy to bother with crawling around on the floor, switching cables back and forth. Can’t afford a trip to Microcenter until mid-August, which is a long time away if you miss your computer.

But hey! I’ve got three days of vacation looming. You see, Harry Potter shows at 12:01 tonight and I needed to make sure I didn’t have to think about work and being up in the morning and all that boring crap. So…I took today off, so I could sleep in (and it was lovely, thanks). I took tomorrow off, so I could sleep in, since I’m gonna be up until 2:30 (at least!). I took Thursday off because I really wasn’t sure whether the movie would be airing Wednesday morning or Wednesday night when I had scheduled my vacation. Since I already have it off, might as well keep it off.

So, I might get around to taking photos of my stash for Ravelry and cleaning and other good things. Or, I could sit on my ass and spin a lot and watch too much TV and read. Hmm….I wonder which will happen. ;-)


So, yesterday was fun. If you like sweating a lot.

Had knitting tonight, which would have been a lot more fun if the cupcake nazi had not been on the ball. I brought in a carrier of cupcakes, all nice and neatly organized in their lovely plastic case. I swear, I walked about 20 feet into the libary and someone swooped down on me and said we can’t eat them in the room we get to knit in.

Now, I’d like to acquaint you with a few facts.

1. The youngest person in the room who could have eaten cupcakes is 24.
2. We were going to be in a room with a trashcan and a table.
3. WTF, cupcakes. Really. The closest thing to low-mess snackage that I can come up with.

So….my dozen cupcakes went uneaten. I now have to drag them in to work tomorrow and give them to people I don’t like nearly as much as my knitting buddies, just because I don’t need them hanging around the apartment. I swear, not a single cupcake is coming home with me tomorrow. I’ll tip them into the trash first. My fat ass doesn’t need a dozen cupcakes added to it.

But hey! New Dr. Who tomorrow evening. :-) I’m excited. I celebrated by watching the first episode of the Christopher Eccleston series. While I love David Tennant, he’s not quite the same. He’s still awesome, but he’s just not quite my Doctor. Chris and his ‘fantastic’, he’s mine.

In a non-creepy, non-celebrity-stalking sort of way. ‘Cause really, he’s a good 15 years too old for me to do that. Only George Clooney gets that sort of older-man drool from me.

Two more geeky TV bonuses for me. There was a marathon of Jake 2.0 on a few days back that I am catching up on AND there’s a marathon of Dead Like Me that is ending in about half an hour. I have so much nerdy tv to catch up on, it’s unreal.

Fourth of July

Happy 4th to all of you.

I would love to say something about how great our country is, and compared to many other countries out there, it is still great.

However, considering how far we have come from what the founders of this country were hoping for when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it’s hard to be enthusiastic about this day.

Nevertheless, I’ll go stare at fireworks, probably eat a hot dog and wonder (yet again) at the appeal of deviled eggs.