Stupid Car

It’s acting up again. :-( I think I will need to get it looked at if it keeps this behavior up. It’s jerky when I drive, especially if I go up hill or if the car in front of me is not going very fast. I can feel it trying to do what the gas pedal tells it to do, but it’s not making it.

The sucky thing is, I was gonna go to a party tonight and I’m not going because I don’t want to drive a 140-block round trip in the dark.

Instead, I am going to sit here and pout, starting….now.


I don’t know when, but at some point in the past eight months, I must have submitted a profile to a local singles site. I got a phone call from them today, asking me to come in for an interview. I’m going on Friday, if just to see what it’s like.

I’m fairly confident in my personality. It doesn’t seem like many people leave the room when I arrive or suddenly stop talking when I am in earshot. To my knowledge, I am only notorious for my potty mouth and tendency to whip out the knitting at the drop of a hat.

The thing that saddens me about my upcoming appointment is that my roots are nearly an inch long and I don’t know if I’ll be able to brave bleach on my own. Is it weirder to show up with fading pink hair and bad roots, bright pink hair with bad roots or no roots but potentionally a funky bleach job underneath the pink? I know I wouldn’t be introduced to someone on the spot, but you want to give a good (though in my case, fairly pink) impression of yourself to someone who will hopefully be promoting you and your personal brand of crazy.

Has anyone ever had an interview with a dating service? What is it like? Am I setting myself up for a wasted evening?

No matter how it goes, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. Plus, this is a good opportunity for me to get my butt out of the apartment and do something I would not normally do. It could lead to me doing other things that I wouldn’t normally do. Like meet men. Talk to someone with a lower voice than mine. Perhaps a person with attractive stubble and nice shoulders. A girl can dream, dammit!

My Sewing Machine

It may surprise you to know I have a sewing machine. It surprises me sometimes, too. My super-cool momma got it for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. I thanked, took it home and stared at it.

Sewing is nifty. You put in a bit of effort and find yourself with a new bag or top or cat toy or…you get the point. However, this bit of effort involves things like having your fabric ironed and knowing how to thread the machine and knowing what settings to use on the machine.

It will not surprise anyone to know that while I have an iron, I’m not entirely certain of its location. I’m fairly certain it’s in my hall closet, but I can’t remember the last time I had it out.

Also, I am not what you may call mechanically inclined. A less than generous person might call me a mechanical moron. Alliteration is so much fun. However, after working in a job where I need to at least sound like I understand basic mechanical concepts, the idea of threading my machine is no longer so terrifying. Especially since I got Mom to come over and walk me through threading the machine and getting my bobbin installed properly.

The proper settings bit, however, eluded me the other day. You see, I have come up with a nifty cat toy idea. It’s been cat-tested and approved on a hand-sewn toy.

I use socks to make this particular cat toy and learned something very important. If you use a regular sewing machine needle on a knit, it will snap like a twig. Apparently you need a ball-tipped needle, or some such nonsense.

I have gone to Target and spent $8 on new needles. I have regular needles and I have ball-tipped needles in several sized. I am prepared, dammit. Or I will be, once I figure out how to replace the broken needle.

Someday, I will have to show you the cat toy. Or perhaps something else I’ve sewn. Just to prove that my sewing machine is used.

Kitchen Time

I have spent most of my day in the kitchen or doing kitchen-related activities.

First, I cleaned the kitchen. The countertops are currently visible. Go me! The sink was clean for a brief period of time.

Next, I fried up some bacon. This was breakfast and the remaining bacon is going to be crumbled over baked potatoes later this week.

While the bacon was frying, I unloaded and reloaded my dishwasher. I also made six quarts of super-strong, sweet tea with my iced tea maker.

After the bacon, I made a loaf of bread using a mix I had bought at the store. I’ve never made bread by myself before, so I thought I’d start with training wheels, first. ;-) I helped my step-dad make sourdough bread years ago, but helping someone else is just not the same as doing it yourself.

While the bread was rising, I worked on copying down recipes. My mom gave me her tin of recipes with recipes dating back to when she was in high school. For Christmas two years ago, I received a recipe box from my dad’s family with a few starter recipes from the family. I copied down my favorites of Mom’s recipes and put them into my (relatively) new recipe box.

I’m now entering the recipes in my recipe box into Recipezaar. Unsurprisingly, my username is angelchrys. If you know of a better online recipe site, please let me know and I’ll switch there. I’ve just heard this is a good place and if I decide to pay for a premium subscription ($25/year), I can even get nutrition information on my recipes. Pretty sweet, yes?

The bread just came out of the oven and I had a slice. It’s not bad. It’s nice and brown on top, but still soft in the middle. I have another box of bread mix in the cabinet and when that’s been made, I’ll try and do it all by myself. If I decide to keep this bread-making up, I will probably end up getting a bread machine.

My Swift Arrived!

Note: If you have seen my review on Knitter’s Review, you have seen this post. Please wait patiently for my next bit of rambling.

Got my bag today. The handles are nice, they fit comfortably over my fat arms. I think I can even wear it on my shoulder when I’ve got a winter coat on.

There are no exterior pockets, but that is more than made up for by the two huge clear plastic pockets on the interior. I am slightly in love with these pockets. They currently contain all the stuff that normally litters the bottom of my purse–barrettes, lip gloss, notepad, pen, etc.

There is a handy key fob on the inside which I can use to snap my keys onto, so I stop losing them in the bottom of my bag (stuff being lost in the bottom of my bag is a life theme, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet).

The knit sack clips into place on another clip lower down inside the bag. If you’ve seen a sock pouch before, you’ve seen the knit sack. It’s made of a sturdier fabric than my last once, so I’m not terribly worried about a DPN breaking through. The fabric used on the knit sack is the same fabric used for the purse lining. The only complaint I currently have about the knit sack is that the tension clip needs a lot of pressure put on it to move smoothly along the cord.

I don’t know if you could fit a sweater in progress in the bag and still close it, but it it currently holding all my normal purse nonsense, a sock in progress, a hat in progress and a scarf in progress and there is no strain on the bag.

One thing I do really like is the way that it is held closed. There is a button on the front and a strap that comes from the back and has two button holes in it so you can choose between having it pretty well closed and leaving some space open at the top in case you’ve got a lot in there.

The navy color is not making me want to grab a SAD lamp, like I was afraid would happen. The kelly green color is very bright and cheerful.

I am very happy with my purchase and I can already tell I’m going to be hauling this bag around quite often. Might even need to pick one up in another colorway, someday. Too bad Tom Bihn is practical and doesn’t go for hot pink. If there was a hot pink/purple combination out there, I’d eat ramen next month so I could have it.

The bag has the Tom Bihn quality I have come to know and love. The stitching is lovely, there are no unfinished seams and I suspect that the bag will outlast pretty much anything short of nuclear attack.

Updating this to add my amusement that this has the presidential care tag on it. Not sure what I’m talking about? Go here to see the label.

Tom Bihn Swift

Hurrah! The Swift by Tom Bihn has arrived. I love TB bags…I have a cafe bag that I only stopped using as my main bag once I realized I can’t fit a book and a sock in progress in it if I want to have room for everything else.

But now the greatness of Tom Bihn has reached out to me and brought me a lovely knitting bag. I could have been patient and asked for it as a Christmas gift, but then I would have had to wait. Plus, it might have sold out. How horrible would that have been? I got it in the Kelly/Navy colors. My only regret is that there was no Kelly/Black or Wasabi/Black option. Ah well.

There *is* a Wasabi/Black Large Cafe bag…perhaps that’ll go on my Christmas list. Along with some clear pouches…and an extra yarn sack!

I have a feeling this has made me useless for the rest of the evening. I’m gonna go rock in my chair and mutter about my precious now.