Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with very few family tensions and lots of yummy food.

I am currently watching the Macy’s parade. I hope I get to see Hello Kitty’s ballong (insert dorky excited squealing) before I have to leave.

Miracle on 34th Street is on NBC at two this afternoon and they’ve got the Plaza lighting ceremony at 6:30. You know, in case you’re from KC and not crazy enough to haul your ass down to the Plaza but still want to see the lights. :-)

Etsy Fun

I haven’t made any Etsy recommendations in a while and I’m feeling all crafty since I went to the Creative Hand show, so enjoy the links, my crafty friends. Also, if you are in the KC area and it’s Saturday, 11/17, get your butt to the show. If you can’t find something you want, I don’t know you anymore.

Would you like some handspun from one of Blue Mountain Fiber Arts Sheep to Sock kits? This is a lovely pink, brown and cream DK-weight yarn that reminds me of melted Neopolitan ice cream.

Perhaps you prefer pink and green? This is nearly 500 yards of sock-weight yarn handspun from Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino.

Next up we have some worsted weight yarn that is purple and green that is navajo-plied. Makes me want to pull out the wheel and practice navajo-plying!

This bulky weight yarn called Plum Honey just makes me want to squish it. If you play with yarn, you will instinctively try to squeeze the screen when you see this.

For the spinners out there, how about a Kitchen Sink batt? You’re almost guaranteed some fun novelty yarn when you spin this.

I suggest checking out Flawful Fibers’ Fiber Fix Lite subscription if you spin! Three months of different fibers. I signed up once and received gorgeous rovings!

I am of the opinion that most knitters need the Knitting Nerd decal for their car windows.

Should I ever win the lottery, I am gonna go through my Etsy favorites list and have a shopping spree. Two of the items I have been drooling over but just can’t afford are this pendant and this Canarywood bowl.

Garth Brooks

So, as you may or may not know, Garth Brooks is performing nine concerts in Kansas City this year. Nowhere else, just KC. I’d just like to mark this down as one of the reasons I am very glad I live here in KC.

My sister, brother-in-law and I all spent the morning tickets were on sale trying desperately to purchase tickets. We finally got lucky with a block of six tickets. They were behind the stage, about five rows back.

Our concert was last night and it was incredible. He’s just such a wonderful entertainer. For me, the best part is that you can just see his excitement that all of these people are here to see him and are thrilled to be there to see him. Pretty much everyone was standing up the whole time.

We got there early, so we were able to see the Sprint Center fill up. Trisha Yearwood came on first as the opening act. She sang some of my favorite songs of hers, so I was happy. Everyone I was with commented that she’d gained some weight, but I thought that she looked good.

After she left, they started breaking down the stage a bit, revealing the trademark G. Part of the lighting rig came down, showing four chairs where cameramen were going to sit. Imagine knowing your life depended on two chains.

Finally, the stage went dark and the band came on stage. A white piano started lifting out of the back of the stage, so we had an excellent view. The keyboardist started playing to deafening applause. Next, a circular hole appeared in the piano and the fiddle player rose up. He played for a few moments and then Garth popped into view on the stage in front of the piano. The cheering was so loud at that point, I could hear my eardrums reverberate.

He played mostly older stuff, with a few new songs tossed in. There was one point where the band went off-stage and it was just him, his guitar and the audience all singing along to a few songs. Get several thousand people singing and it doesn’t sound too bad. The songs he sang for this period was We Shall Be Free, The Dance and The River.

The one thing that disappointed me was the encore–at no point did he sing American Pie. When I’d gone to see him before, that was the final song of his encore. I expected it last night, seeing as how it’s a bit of a tradition for him to sing it during his encores. Not last night, but we did get Piano Man, which is another favorite classic for me.

All in all, I am still just so happy to have gone. He’s the greatest entertainer I’ve ever seen or likely will ever see.

Last Saturday

It’s Wednesday night, let me tell you about my weekend. ;-)

So I may have timing issues. Anyways.

Saturday was the day after my sister’s birthday and we were gonna go shopping. She came over to pick me up and I handed her a container full of pretty, freshly baked peanut butter cookies and a handknit scarf (Mmmmalabrigo).

We went on our merry way to Target, which is where the bulk of this story will take place.

We wandered Target, got some lovely little items and some formula for Lily. After shopping, we decided to grab some personal pan pizzas from the Pizza Hut inside the store.

I dropped pizza down my front. Now, you may not know this, but I have a long-held tradition of dropping food down my front while I eat. Depending on my mood, I blame it on my Mom (who does the same thing), my clumsiness (see my life) or my rack (let’s just say I go to a specialty store for my bras and leave it at that).

Next, I offer to hold Lily so Jess can eat her pizza. Unfortunately, Lily had peed through her diaper, so Jess had two lovely potty stains on her jeans. Who said being a mom isn’t glamourous?

We finished up, deciding to stop by my place and then J’s place so we could change into clothes that had not been stained or touched by pee.

Got to the car and couldn’t get in. Why? Keys were inside the car.

Called Aaron, who had to leave his Guard unit so he could come let us into the car with the spare key.

While we were waiting, Lily spit up sweet potatoes down J’s shirt. Because Jess hadn’t been quite foul enough, apparently.

I noticed that a lot of Target representatives were standing around. I was about to point it out and make idle conversation with Jess about how it must be nice to be paid to stand about staring at the parking lot when a cop car cruised down our aisle.

“Aha! A shoplifter!” I said to myself.

Well, until the fire truck showed up. And then another cop car. And then an ambulance.

By this time, we were in gawking mode. It seems that someone had some sort of medical emergency in the parking lot. We weren’t quite nosy enough to wander over to find out what was happening, but the possibility of doing so was discussed.

So, now that four vehicles with flashing lights are in the Target parking lot, Aaron shows up to let us in to the car. Did I mention this is the Target where a girl was kidnapped from the parking lot? And then was later found quite dead? Yeah. He was a bit concerned, but glad to see we were okay.

Moral of the story? Don’t go to Target with me and Jess or you will end up in the parking lot with stains down your front, wishing you could get into the car.

Cheap Sheets!

I went to Target last night to pick up a bottle of wine and see if there was any candy left over (there wasn’t). While wandering the store, I found an endcap with flannel sheets for $19.99, no matter the size. They were mostly holiday sheets, but there were some solids, too.

I am now the proud owner of red flannel sheets. Yay! Go on and get your own, now. The snowmen looked cute.