Across the Universe

Right, so I know I’m supposed to be saving money. However, Tuesday when this comes out on DVD, it’s either being rented or purchased. And if you can’t guess what I’m doing by seven in the evening on Tuesday, you don’t know me very well.

At knitting tonight, I mentioned that I have added another Brit to my LIST. Yeah, I’ve heard all about the bad teeth and bad manners of the boys across the pond, but when they look like this, sing like this and have cute accents like this, I just don’t care.

Jim Sturgess, starring in Across the Universe:

links for 2008-01-27

Denied Shopping

I was out and about at 5:30 this evening and decided that it would be a good time to get to yarn store to pick up a cable needle. I have a $15 rewards card there that’s been sitting in my wallet, waiting for me to want something. I started a project involving cables Wednesday night and my metal cable needle is driving me batty.

Drove past the yarn shop and the lights were out and the “SHUT” sign was on the door.

Nuts, I say.

Pop Culture Comix is on my way home….it is about half a block away from my apartment. So…I decide to stop by there to see if they have the Doctor Who comics in stock yet.

Did you guess that their lights would be off and the closed sign would be up?


It’s one of those days.


Have we have a discussion lately about how I love Amazon?

I recently checked out their downloadable MP3s. Granted, I am cheap and would normally prefer to gather my music the…er…grassroots method, but I am also a sucker for convenience.

As a result, I now have the “Music & Lyrics” soundtrack, “Across the Universe” soundtrack, that Delilah song and “Suddenly I See” downloaded and on my MP3 player.

Right now, I am busy restraining myself from buying more…

Also, I would like to observe that the 4 for 3 special on paperback books is the devil and designed to make me buy books.

Because I am apparently infatuated with Amazon, I have taken to looking around there for practically anything. I found a multi-region DVD player for about $60. Someday I will have my car and paid off my debts and then…oh yes…the DVD player will be mine.

You see, I have this teensy problem where I find a TV show or a movie I love and then get pissed off because it CAN NOT be found on Region 1 DVDs. So…With a spiffy multi-region DVD player, I can get all the British (tell me you knew that was coming) DVDs that I want. BBC, I love you. If you could arrange for me to have David Tennant to myself for a few days, I’d be very happy.

Nothing to do with the fact that I heard his nickname on the Doctor Who set is David Ten-Inch. I’m sure it’s just a fun play on his last name. Yeah. ;-)

One thing that makes me sad about the Amazon MP3s is that not all of their music is available for download. I want to get some John Barrowman MP3s because his CDs are expensive here in the US. Let me show you *why* I want some of his MP3s:


Have you ever woken up and known what you were going to have for lunch? Because if you didn’t have that particular food that day you were just gonna go nuts?

Just curious.

In unrelated news, I had a carnitas burrito from Chipotle today. Very tasty. :-)