Damned Cat

Once again, Spaz is back to living in the bathroom. Despite the fact that her box was cleaned last night, she has pooped in the hallway twice. Does anybody have any suggestions beyond ‘take her back to the shelter’? I am rather fond of my kitty, just not as fond of her poo.

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. It allows you to do things like update your blog, save notes, calendar reminders and more by messaging a buddy on your IM program. If all goes right, this post will be my first Imified post. :-)

Drank the Kool-Aid

So, I switched to WP over the weekend and had some funkiness of the format thanks to my own stupidity.

Be happy–you may never see me type that exact combination of words again. Then again, you probably will.

Anyways, this is the very basic of basic installs right now. I have some themes and plugins I will be installing soon which will make this a bit more interesting for you to look at.

I would like to say thanks to Jason of 180 networks. He has made my move as seamless as possible and any screwups you have seen have been my fault, not his. In fact, the fact that I am writing this post and you are not looking at funkiness is due to his dedication as a host.

I would also like to say thank you to Joey; who has been letting me share his hosting with him. Sir, I salute you with a bottle of Kentucky bourbon and a page 3 pinup. Scary boobs and all.

I’m off to go change things around so you can once again experience the dubious pleasure of seeing my del.icio.us links and Flickr photos.