More Than Decluttering

I will be moving in a few months. Great, yeah? The scary bit is that I am going to be downsizing from a one bedroom apartment into a room, possibly with a bit of storage space. Any recommendations on what I should keep? Trash? Donate? Sell? Want to help me get rid of stuff?


Let’s see…I have no one thing of real interest, so I will bombard you with bits of information, instead.

You’re excited, I can tell!

I have gone on a dishcloth knitting spree. Given one away, setting another aside for giveaway, have yet another that I need to decide if it’s leaving or staying. To support this habit, I used a $15 gift card I got for Christmas to purchase seven balls of dishcloth cotton. Pink, orange, yellow, bright green, teal, purple and red.

I got salted caramels while at Whole Foods the other day. I am now trying to convince myself that I do not need to go back to get more. I also got real veggies and other assorted goodies.

While wandering about the internet the other day, I came across a thread on a forum where a guy was talking about what a hellhole his mother’s house was because she is a hoarder. Now, I know that I have tendencies in that direction, so I try to get decluttering help. The thread weirded me out so much that I did some decluttering without supervision. I now have about half the amount of makeup I did before and have found a home for my various medicines.

Spaz is the devil. You already knew this, but I just feel that there’s no reason not to say this with every post.

My local comic book store irritates me. They closed early yesterday, weren’t open today and when I am finally able to be there when they are open, they probably won’t have what I want. As a result, I turned to eBay the other day.

In related news, I have about a zillion bento items on my watchlist. Bento lunches look like fun and could be a good way to help me lose some weight. Portion control is a wonderful thing! I’d really like a Mr. Bento but those are expensive!

I have a bruise on my arm and I don’t know why. Hmph.

So…any topic suggestions? What would you like to see me ramble on about?