Comic FAIL

So, I occasionally have a bout of nerdiness. Today, let me bring you my meager (yet apparently better than Carl Moore’s) comic book knowledge.

Batman is a DC Comics property. The lame joke in the strip is assuming Batman is a Marvel property. Batman is (thanks to DC Comics) Sony’s bitch, not Disney’s.

Shatto Milk

Shatto is currently testing Coffee Milk, flavored with coffee from The Roasterie.

There’s a lovely article at the link talking about Shatto and it’s got some other fun bits but–


Kinda sounds good, y’know?

Bowling High Score

I am normally a terrible bowler, but I did pretty well last Saturday. Bowled 3 games to completion and had over 100 each game; 102, 122 and 144. Obviously, I think this needs to be recorded for posterity. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

So You Think You Can Judge, Adam Shankman? – E! Online

Adam Shankman, choreographer, director and Miley Cyrus photo scandal fan-flamer, is moving from frequent to permanent fixture on the So You Think You Can Dance dais this season, filling out the judging trifecta alongside Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

Hey, pretty cool! Adam has done a good job of judging in the past and quite honestly, the ever-changing judges were getting annoying. I’m sorry, but I did not need MORE Lil’C this season!