Introducing my first birthday present of the year (a mere 6 weeks early!): a skein of laceweight malabrigo. Terri gave this to me less than an hour ago and I’ve already wound it up to be knit! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


Attack!, originally uploaded by angelchrys.

So, if Spaz really, really like you and you are not careful, she will sit on your chest and knead your shoulders. Or at least, that’s what it LOOKS like!

Beware the orange cat of death! This is not affection, this is her trying to collapse one of my lungs and suffocate me.

Mouse Alert!

While she still stubbornly refuses to do anything about spiders, Spaz made a step towards earning her keep today.

In related news: EWWW!!! There is a dead baby mouse on my living room floor!!!

ETA: The mouse has now left my floor and will soon be exploring the magical world of the Johnson County dump.