June 29


1. Sleep. I got enough sleep the night before and it made all the difference in the world.

2. Lisa Klepas. I may or may not have read an entire book in one day.

3. Houlihan’s. While the service was terrible, the food wasn’t. I also became mayor on FourSquare, which gets me all of nothing. :-)

June 28


1. Margarita’s! This is the home of my favorite salsa. Their tacos are pretty darn tasty, too.

2. Spin-Off Magazine. I received my summer copy today and am now inspired to go dig out all my spinning supplies and go nuts with the fiber.

3. Kindle for Android. The app to read Kindle books on my Android finally came out today! It’ll just have to keep me going until I can afford to get an actual Kindle.

June 27


1. Kickball. Oh please, like I actually played. No, I went and sat with my friend and watched her husband and another friend plan. I have plans to return with soda and popsicles.

2. Yarn Shop and More. I stopped by Sunday afternoon and has a nice time browsing the selection and knitting at the table. It’s always nice to meet other knitters who swear like I do.

3. Direction. The map in my head is getting better as the years go by. Shan’t say more, I may jinx myself.

June 26


1. Air Conditioning. If the air conditioning in my apartment were ever to go out, I would be a whimpering, sweating bitch.

(I lied. I would be camping out on your couch, waiting for the repairman to show up at my place.)

2. Bowling. Last night was bowling with my Twitter friends. We had a good time, though the crowd was a little smaller than usual this time. It was kind of nice not to be bouncing around between five lanes so I can say hi to everyone.

3. IHOP. We had fun at bowling, but the best time to be had was the after-bowling IHOP trip. We got there just in time for the after-bar crowd and it was glorious. A wide variety of people dressed up in ill-fitting or unattractive clothing, drunk, douche-y and dumb. If you enjoy people-watching (and eavesdropping), there is no better way to spend the 2:00 AM hour.



(Seriously, I can’t make this shit up. I’ve tried.)

June 24


1. Cupcakes from Takes the Cake Bakery. Renee offered up sample boxes on FaceBook yesterday and so I ordered one. I received a dozen cupcakes; three each of lemon, red velvet, yellow with chocolate frosting and grasshopper. Being a diligent sampler (and a bit of a cupcake lover), I tried all four flavors. They were all wonderful! I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to order cupcakes from Renee. I may even share next time.

2. Gym. I am 98% certain that I will be signing up for a shiny new gym membership this weekend. Yay! I even saw they offer a Zumba class, which is something I’ve been wanting to check out.

3. Apartment hunting. I’ve started casually looking for new apartments. I still like my complex, but my apartment is starting to drive me nuts. The floors slope like crazy and I don’t think there’s a single room where something isn’t tilted funny.

There are two problems with the moving idea. The first is that I am saving money for a trip and moving and saving money are mutually exclusive. The second is that I am concerned that my friends and family will laugh until they hurt and then turn me down if I ask for help moving for the third year in a row. I suspect I need to work on my bribing and bartering techniques.

June 23


1. Spaz. She basically put herself to bed tonight. Handy!

2. Laundry. I needed laundry quarters and along came Mike who wanted to get rid of a pocketful of change.

3. American Vampire. I’ve been reading a new graphic novel (sounds fancier than comic book) written by Stephen King, Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. It’s about a new breed of vampire that starts up in (shocker!) America. They’ve got some fun twists going on and it’s a split story–first you read about Pearl, who is adjusting to being a vampire and then you read about Skinner Sweet’s back story.

June 22


1. Gym. I’m getting to like going to the gym more. I was able to do the floor exercises without many problems and didn’t feel miserable for the rest of the day.

2. Double Stuf Oreos.

3. Knitting night. I had a good time at knitting night and got a few more rows in on my shawlette. I’m about to start the last section that is written in the pattern. I’m trying to decide if I want to keep going until I run out of yarn or keep it small.

June 21


1. Club sandwiches. I go on spurts where I can eat the same thing (or type of thing) for days and weeks in a row, long after other people would have gotten sick of them. My food obsession at the moment appears to be club sandwiches.

2. HyVee. My favorite grocery store in KC.

3. Noro yarn. Linda, one of the women in my knitting group, gave me two skeins of Noro Yuzen for my birthday last week and it’s been sitting on my end table so I can admire it.

June 20


1. Flying Saucer. Went with Justin after Rocky Horror last night (and therefore technically happened today) and had some tasty beers. I had Free State Ad Astra, Strongbow and Fat Tire. With over 200 beers on tap, I think I’ll be returning.

2. Green Day Rock Band. Had fun playing this afternoon with Jess and Aaron. We consistently did well and only failed one song and that was more due to my niece than our playing.

We took Dad out to lunch beforehand and when I was taking him home, he asked what I was doing today.

Me: Playing Green Day Rock Band with Jess and Aaron.
Dad: What is Green Day?
Me: <Turns on radio and switches to CD, which has International Superhits! inserted>
Me: So, uh…no Green Day for you, then.

3. Father’s Day. To celebrate, I suggest watching this video about men. In tights.