Take a look at this picture.

If you see what I see: a vermin-infested, tree-scavenging, hole-digging, soulless rodent, then you’ve come to the right place. On the other hand, if you’re like the irritating minority of weak-minded and girlish sweetmeats who see a cute woodland creature, then take your slumber party somewhere else: you don’t belong here.

I love Psych.

Pop Culture Quiz

I’m always teasing my buddy Elliot about his appalling lack of pop culture knowledge. We decided that we would sit down some night and do some word association. I’d tell him the name of something that has been popular in his lifetime and he would tell me what he thought it was about. Below is our (slightly edited) conversation.

Sephora: Bronze Tones

Makeup Palette To Go - Bronze Tones ($50 Value)   SEPHORA COLLECTION

Makeup Palette To Go – Bronze Tones ($50 Value)
What it is:
A petite palette featuring the shades you need for a stunning summer look.

What it does:
This limited-edition assortment of new shades for the eyes, lips, and face will leave you looking gorgeous this sunny season. The wearable collection makes an ideal gift for makeup beginners and aficionados alike.

This set contains:
– 8 x eyeshadows
– 4 x lip colors
– sun powder

Hello and welcome to my new favorite makeup kit. I’ve just been carrying this, brushes, eyeliner and mascara around with me lately and I’ve been having so much fun creating new looks! It’s definitely worth the $15 investment.