Concert Casualty


Went to Buzz Beach Ball tonight, which was great. Had lots of fun dancing, watching the mosh pit and singing along with Cake. The not fun part? My shirt is dead due to some douche who couldn’t keep track of his cigarette. At least I (and my pretty cami underneath) didn’t get burned.

Nathan Fillion = Best Geek Ever?

As if I needed a reason to love Nathan Fillion:

“I also remember seeing Star Wars for the first time with my dad. I leaned over to him in the theater as it was beginning and said, ‘I want to see this again tomorrow.’ And he leaned over and said, ‘OK.’ “

via With Nathan Fillion, there’s no mystery to actor’s success –

Note: I improved my post by adding a picture of his hotness. It took me a good 5 minutes to stop drooling and actually choose a picture.

Upscale grocery Trader Joe’s to open two KC-area stores –

I…may or may not have let out a high pitched squeal at the bar when I read this news on my phone.

In related news, I may or may not be a huge dork for reading news articles at the bar on my phone.

Trader Joe’s, one of the nation’s hottest retailers, is coming to Kansas City in a big way, opening a store on each side of the state line in 2011.

The specialty grocery chain — which has built a legion of fervent fans by offering low-priced but high-quality and unique items in a fun setting — plans to open stores at Ward Parkway Center in south Kansas City and Leawood’s One Nineteen at 119th Street and Roe Avenue.

via Upscale grocery Trader Joe’s to open two KC-area stores –