Did you hear that sigh? It was my sister and mom clicking on this, thinking I was going to be bitching about finding a spider and nearly having a heart attack.

Fooled you both!

Instead, how about Jim Parsons being adorable with a muppet spider (less adorable) on Sesame Street:


Spaz and yarn, originally uploaded by angelchrys.

Hi, this is Spaz.

She is a kitty with a bit of girth to her. She’d like to run around and play, but her owner (me) is lazy and ignores the kitty. I want to find her an owner who will play with her.

She has a slightly restricted diet, in that she needs urinary tract formula food.

She has all of her claws, but rarely uses them on people. With the aid of her cat tree and the purchase of Soft Paws, she does not use her claws on furniture.

She is very friendly and will come to meet you at the door, provided she is awake and in the mood for it.

She will stalk her person, which is rather cute. She follows you around, lays down so she can keep an eye on your and wants to make sure that you are getting kitty snuggles.

She is about 8-9 years old now, which means that she still has lots of kitty love left in here, but she’s outgrown the kittenish crazies.

I am sadly not turning out to be as good a kitty owner as I’d like, and I want her to live with someone who wants to play with her and give her lots of attention.

Please note that her litterbox needs to be scooped daily. Twice a day if you are feeling very motivated.

If you are interested in becoming Spaz’s new stalkee, please send me an email at angelchrys @ with the subject line Spaz.