Stew and the Fog

I joked today that the fog contained a giant rabbit whose purpose in life is to eat bratty children and small yappy dogs.

“That would make an amusing story,” I told myself. (What? You claim you don’t talk to yourself? Liar.)

So I wrote it. The start of it, at least.

I know the rabbit’s name is Stew and that she has excellent reasons to dislike small children and Yorkies.

Should I ever polish the story up enough to share with the, er, masses (all 10-20 of you are quite lovely, I am sure), I will let you know.

Netflix Queue Game

Indecision is a time-honored tradition in my family. Rarely is a decision made without debate and a healthy back and forth of “you decide” and “no, YOU decide.”

I have an account with Netflix and stream a lot of videos using the Netflix Instant Watch feature. I add a lot of videos to my queue and at present, have 157 videos queued up.

157 choices and industrial strength indecision leads to flailing about and spending an inordinate amount of time just trying to figure out what to watch.

As a result, I started playing the Netflix Queue Game. It’s fairly simple to play. I post a message on Twitter asking people to give me a number, provide them with a range (1-157, for example) and give a cut-off time.

When people respond with a number, I respond and tell them which movie they have suggested for me.

Once the cut-off time has been met, I choose one of the movies suggested. After all, it’s much easier to select from a pool of 6 or 10 movies than 157!

Hot Chocolate

I’ve gotten to be such a snob lately. Hot chocolate from a packet? Aerosol whipped cream?

Hell no.

Unless I’m at IHOP…


New rule: food snobbery goes out the window after 10 pm.

Boulevard Chocolate Ale

Boulevard Chocolate Ale is a limited release beer by the Boulevard Brewing Company.  It came out on Tuesday and by Tuesday evening, and was pretty much sold out across Kansas City.

I managed to snag two bottles from a nearby liquor store and broke into one of the bottles last night.

Fucking. Hell.

This shit is tasty!

Chocolate Ale is a winning combination. It’s creamy, chocolate-y and oh so delicious. I’m sad I only have one bottle left, but hope that Boulevard will bottle more in the future.


Clearly, one of my finest attributes is the magnificent way I slack. Not content with being a mere few days or a week between posts, I reached a month and a half before remembering the blog is here.

Frankly, there are two reasons you are getting this post now.

1. Someone was reading through my archives and reminding me of things from my past. Thought i’d give him something new to read.

2. I am procrastinating on the whole getting ready for work thing.