David Tennant

It may have come to your attention that I am a fan of David Tennant. he was a wonderful Doctor and has even replaced Tom Baker as many people’s favorite ever Doctor.

In fact, some people wish that Matt Smith would go away and we’d get David Tennant back.

Truly, I enjoy Matt Smith and find his Doctor to be quite entertaining.

That said, I wouldn’t object if we got David Tennant back as the Doctor someday…but playing a different Doctor. If he comes back, I want his new Doctor to have a different personality altogether.

New attitudes, new clothing, new catchphrases…because that’s what the Doctor is, to me. He’s always a new old man who is compelled to travel around time and space and fix things.

Weirdness Question

So…I posted on facebook the theory that I am weirder when sober than when drunk.

Some crazy person (Mom) disagreed.

I leave it to you, kind souls, to settle this argument.