Things I Learned April/May 2012

1. People do not appreciate metaphors involving cockroaches.

2. Even if a tire is technically patchable, the garage may refuse to patch the tire if it’s worn down too far.

3. It is possible to buy a full set of tires for less than $330.

4. It is still possible in this economy to go from being angry about a bad review to being offered a new job in 2 weeks if you are sufficiently motivated.

5. It was more luck than motivation. I was in the right place at the right time.

6. I should shop more at Marshall’s. I bought a decent swimsuit for $13. All the women reading this swore and made plans to go to Marshall’s soon. None of the men gave a crap.

7. People are charmed/amused by the way I can’t get a pedicure without giggling like a 13 year old girl who just spotted her crush at the mall.

8. Mochas and yellow shirts don’t mix well.

9. The AMC at Ward Parkway is really nice and has comfy leather recliners.

10. Avengers is an awesome movie and I need to see it eleventy-billion more times.