Happy Thanksgiving!

Or, as I told a friend earlier today, “Happy Yam Sham Day!”

yam sham gif

If you’ve not seen this episode of Buffy, go look up Pangs, which is from Season Four. If you don’t watch Buffy, I’m sad for you. At least watch this clip:

You made a bear!

Now, I know that some people prefer to think of Thanksgiving as Slapsgiving, and I’m cool with that and wish you a happy Slapsgiving.


But perhaps you prefer Friends?

Friends first Thanksgiving

I still think they should release DVDs of just the Thanksgiving episodes.

friends thanksgivings

Some people may notice that I have thus far left out my favorite Thanksgiving tradition–listening to Alice’s Restaurant while driving to wherever I plan on eating turkey that year.

So just remember…you can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant! (excepting Alice)


Nearly every week, I head to my local comic book shop, Pop Culture Comix, to pick up a comic or two.

I read Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel + Faith and Captain Marvel on a regular basis and occasionally pick up additional comics. Just in the past few months, I’ve picked up Uncanny Avengers, Spike, Willow, Deadpool and a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover.

I have a great time reading the comics and I always enjoy how the artwork and storylines. However, I’ve come to discover a problem.

What do I do with the comics when I’m done with them? Currently, they’re piled up all around my apartment and I’ve been trying to avoid piles and clutter.

(We’re taking a moment here for Mom to stop giggling.)

Do I go further down the rabbit hole and buy a storage box, bags and boards and start storing them properly after I’ve read them? If so, what is my ultimate goal? Am I hoping that someday someone will want to buy them or read them? Will I read them again?

Or do I start giving them away or discarding them or selling them after I’m done with them? Will I regret it if I get rid of them? Will it feel like a waste of money?

What do you think?