Domestic Violence, 50 Shades of Grey and BDSM

With 50 Shades of Grey coming out this weekend, I feel like now is a good time to talk about domestic violence. If you’d like to read more about 50 Shades of Grey and how it relates to domestic violence, there’s a long list of links available here. It’s interesting to see how Christian Grey measures up against a red flags checklist (Spoiler: not well at all). Or hey, how about some legally defined rape?

Rather than go see the movie, please consider donating to a domestic violence awareness program such as Futures Without Violence or a local shelter. If you’re from Kansas City, we have the Rose Brooks Center, Hope House, and New House.

If you are in an abusive relationship, please reach out for help. Everyone deserves a safe relationship.

If you’re interested in exploring BDSM on film, consider watching Secretary instead. If you prefer reading your erotica, this is a good list. Consent between partners is negotiated in BDSM and a good dom[me] will help comfort and transition the sub after the scene. Perhaps you’d like to read what a few dominatrices have to say about it?

Classic Alice

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried to make you watch Classic Alice before. If I haven’t, this is me trying to make you watch Classic Alice.

Check out the trailer for the first seven books:

They’re currently running an IndieGogo campaign* to raise money so they can film more books.

Classic Alice uses transmedia, which means that while you can follow the story by just watching the videos, it’s enhanced by also following the characters on Twitter, Tumblr, and Soundcloud. To enjoy the entire series from start to end with transmedia included, check out the Narrative.

I really enjoy this show because while it does touch on classic books, as a lot of webseries are currently doing, it has original characters. Even if you’ve read the book they’re focusing on, you still don’t know how the storyline is going to go because it’s how the characters relate to the story, not the story itself.

Here’s a few more reviews if for some reason my opinion isn’t enough for you (blasphemy!):

*I totally put my referral link in there. Means nothing unless you donate through that link. You should totally donate if you’ve got the cash and the inclination.

Comics Review Pt. 3: Time to visit the Whedonverse

Angel & Faith #7-11:

Faith is out of the jungle! Literally. I’m glad that story arc is wrapped up because while some Riley and Sam time is always…um, thrilling, I can only handle it for so long. I feel bad for Faith, because it seems like she’s always trapped in her head and is weighed down by regrets and remorse. Hopefully Nadira’s talk will help her feel better. High points: Fred! Angel and Faith hug! Amy is a rat! Low point: I spent way more time than I wanted to spend contemplating a jar of Warren. Ew.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8-11:

A random in a crowd criticizing Spike’s poetry might just be the funniest thing ever. Andrew was going to try to resurrect Tara? Good thing Willow talked him out of it–imagine what it would have been like for her to come back after all that time in heaven. Enjoyably snarky moment talking about the Bechdel Test in #10. As always: Damn it, Harmony. At least unicorns are totally real now. High points: Andrew finally came out! Spuffy kiss! Low point: What in the everloving fuck did you just do to yourself, Andrew? Dumbass.

Comics Review Pt. 2: Bet you thought I was done with Marvel

Star Wars #2:

The artwork is still wonderful, but I think this segment really highlights to me how much better Star Wars is on the screen than on the page. There’s a lot of action going on and it kind of jumped around a bit, which I know is a totally normal thing but damn. Bonus points for Han/Leia banter.

Ms. Marvel #11:

Hooray! Kamala, a bunch of lost teenagers and Lockjaw have come out on top. Bonus awesome points to Kamala calling the Inventor a bird, reaching out for help, and gyros for heroes! Seriously though, Ms. Marvel has been consistently great–I find myself laughing out loud, cheering, and saying “Fuck yeah, Kamala!” at least once an issue.

Hawkeye #21:

Oh, Clint. Way to put your foot in your mouth before the first page is even half over. Nice brotherly talk there. The fight scene was great (pay attention, Star Wars!), but the ending. Not futzing cool, bro. Speaking of ending, I’m so sad that there’s only one issue left of the Fraction/Aja/Hollingsworth run because everything about this series has been perfection.

Thor #4:

Thor and Odinson fight! And then Thor kisses Odinson–so I’m thinking Thor is definitely not Odinson’s mother. Otherwise…awkward. Epically awkward. Odinson did graciously hand over the title of Thor and agreed that she is worthy of Mjölnir, so hopefully that’s the end to that particular bit of friction.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1-2:

What the hell? So that was interesting. It’s cute, the artwork is adorable, and there’s at least one pun a page. If that’s your thing, you need to check out Squirrel Girl. So far I am digging the tiny text at the bottom of each page, the starring section and the enemy cards from Deadpool. I’ll probably pick up #3 to see if it’ll hook me, but this isn’t going to be added to the pull list just yet.