Car Woes

So, I am currently sitting at home, 20 minutes after I should have been at work.

Why, you ask?

Well, got into the car this morning, turned the key and heard a funky sound over the radio. Eh, whatever. Car makes funky noises all the time. It’s 16, it’s got a right to make funky noises.

But…then the battery light came one. Now again, 16 year old car, I am used to weird stuff. The brake light occasionally comes on for no reason, as does the air bag light.

Never seen the battery light come on.

Alternator issue? Most likely.

Driveable to work? Hardly.

No good. 😦

Now I need to find a ride to work and find some Tums, ’cause dammit, this is upsetting me.


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