The past 24 hours

Got to see my grandma because she drove me to work.

Took 45 phone calls instead of working on emails. You know, my job. The emails.

Found out that my alternator had gone out, but my uncle was able to get a used part, so it’ll be fairly cheap. PLUS, he towed the car back for me, so I didn’t need to go up to KCK to fetch it.

Went to the library to knit, got to catch up with the girls and check out a new knitting book I’ve been interested in. Found out I might get to go to the Heart of America festival after all.

Walked home and heard a high-pitched squeaking sound. You know the one–wild animal in pain or dying. Walked around, trying to find it. Cat streaked across my path, but it was obviously ok. Figured I had been wrong, until I saw my neighbor’s patio with the dying squirrel on it. Thought he was dead until I got closer and saw he was breathing heavily. Rang the neighbor’s bell to see if she had the # to animal control. Unfortunately, while we were looking up the number, the cat came back and carried off the squirrel. Ugh. But hey, I got to meet my new neighbor. Gonna show her around OP someday.

Finally came home & found out I’d gotten a comment on my blog that wasn’t produced by nagging Joey. Thanks, Beth!

My sister was induced at 7 this morning, so hopefully I will have a niece by the end of the day.

Spaz says hi to the world. And that she would really like to break down the screen door so she can be with the birds.


One thought on “The past 24 hours

  1. No prob! We regularly have to coach our cats to “breathe” when they’re watching the birds outside at the feeder…we worry one of these days they’re just gonna take out that glass altogether….
    Anxiously awaiting Niece News!


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