Kettle Chips Spicy Thai flavor is quite yummy, I suggest picking up a bag. I don’t like spicy things, but I am making an exception for this chip.

Found someone who makes cookies almost like my great-grandma did (she’s not dead, just in a nursing home). The cookies are fabu.

CBS cancelled Jericho and now there’s no show on that network I specifically make an effort to watch. I would do a better job of sharing my opinion, but I figure that perhaps swearing is not the answer. Not getting attached to any shows that CBS airs is the answer.

Speaking of cancelled shows, Studio 60 is now officially cancelled. ‘Cause, um, we didn’t figure that out ages ago.

Have started watching SERIES TWO (did that just for you, Aaron) of the new Doctor Who. Ahh….new Who. It’s a good thing. David Tennant is quite funny and I’ve almost managed to forget that he is Barty Crouch Jr in HP&tGoF. Almost.

I keep forgetting to toss my hand cream into my purse. I looked at my hands this morning and they were so dry they were ashy. Didn’t know that could happen on whiter-than-white skin, but apparently it can.

I need to go out and start doing stuff. I’ve found myself just sitting around because I didn’t want to do anything but hole up in the apartment, wait for my hair to turn grey and for Spaz to mysterious multiply. I then realized how incredibly scary it would be to have more than one of Spaz. Therefore, I need things to do. Went through my book of KC stuff and found that next month, there’s the Lenexa BBQ battle, a picnic on Strawberry Hill and Downtown OP days. I’m sure that out of those thing things, I can manage to get off my arse at least once and go to one of them. Optimistically, all three. Anyone want to go with me?

The car has been trying to drive me insane. In the past six months, it has been towed numerous times. There was the snowstorm when I blew out my two back tires trying to go up a snowy, icy hill. Then there was the busted hoses that were leaking antifreeze all over JoCo. After that, came the alternator. Three short days after that, the replacement alternator died. So, if any of you are buying lottery tickets and you win and you wonder what you will do will all that cash, may I ask for a car? Nothing fancy, just something with all its windows (which go up & down without arguing with you), working heat and ac, and no major mechanical issues.

I just finished re-reading ‘A Little Princess’ last night. It’s such a great story; I’ve never gotten tired of it. I love the thought of how Sara must have felt when she woke up and found her cruddy little room transformed.

I have a little pink elephant sitting on my desk. He says “hi.”

One thought on “Hodgepodge

  1. I love “A Little Princess” too! I never even read it ’till I read it to my kids for school. I never read the “Anne of Green Gables” series ’till my thirties…..

    Yes, you need to get out and DO things. I’m disgustingly familiar with sitting-on-the-rear syndrome….been doing it this week. I thought y’all were gonna go to Sedalia? How about the Farmer’s Market downtown? Just the one in Overland Park is fun, too.

    Hand cream is life…so is lip balm……

    Don’t forget, it’s Stash Show -n- Tell this week!!!

    I got a bunch of patterns out of some library books this week. My favorite is some kitty toys..the way my fur-brains go after the wool I might as well make them something that’s actually THEIRS. Must…finish…baby…blanket…………


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