Upcoming Torture

I just did something I hate to do–locked the cat up in the bathroom for the night.

The problem with this is that she is spoiled rotten and is completely used to having full run of the apartment. When she is locked into a room or locked out of another room, she tends to get cranky. Noisy, too.

I have a night of yowling ahead of me.

However…she has stopped being friends with her litterbox. Whether it’s the litter, the box, her food, or something else, she’s decided that the appropriate place to crap is about six inches away from the box.

As you may guess, this is perhaps not the most endearing habit she has. It’s down below messing with the trash or waking me at 6:30 in the morning.

The theory is that I will be keeping her in the bathroom overnights with a litterbox available to her and her food and water. In the daytime, she can roam free while I am gone, so long as I do not come home to crap on the floor. If that happens, she’s only allowed out of the bathroom when supervised until she goes a week without fouling my carpets.

Or I go insane.

Really, it’s whichever happens first.

An update, for the curious ones. The devil kitty has decided that the litterbox in the bathroom is just fine and there is no longer a need to poop on the carpet. Excellent.

Kate: Never fear, the evil one does not stoop to unique pooping locations such as my shoes or favorite purse. She goes in for the lack of sleep approach, where I am kept awake by a combination of scratching in the carpet, running around the apartment, knocking things down, attacking my feet and meowing loudly and often.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Torture

  1. I have this fear that locking my cat in the bathroom (where the litterbox is) will make him abhor the bathroom, and he’ll start finding new and interesting places to substitute for his litter box.

    I have a studio apartment, so this made locking him up at night when he was super hyper a challenge…only one room with a door! The few times I *did* use the bathroom, he wouldn’t go near it for the whole next day.

    Just FYI!


  2. I’ll have to go look in my cat-care books on any possible reasons for this…I’ve gotta start locking my three out of the bedroom at night ’cause they keep deciding that 4:30 is breakfast time. Ugh. I expect a whole lot of pounding on the bedroom door tonight….


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