Five Day Weekend!

It’s my birthday on Saturday, so I thought I’d celebrate by not working. 😉

Today I am possibly going to lunch with my grandma, watching lots of useless tv and perhaps doing a spot of laundry.

Tommorrow! Helping a friend move. Blargh. Possibly bowling as a birthday celebration.

Birthday! Lunch with Mom. Perhaps bowling as a birthday celebration (we’re not certain what night is best at the alley yet. When I know, I’ll update.

Sunday! NOTHING. Staring at the walls, perhaps the TV, perhaps the spinning wheel. NO PLANS WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday. Sitting in my apartment, snickering because I am not at work.

2 thoughts on “Five Day Weekend!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy many happy hours staring at the t.v.!! As for moving…at least it’s not August…been there…done that…ugh.


  2. So, how goes no-nothin’ Sunday? The wedding yesterday went fine; we were exhausted, but I at least had figured up the right amount of food to fix…always a concern. Had to get up early this morning for church, so I see a nap in my future…I’ll join you for that part of nothin Sunday! (By the way, Happy Day After Your Birthday!)


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