Weird Dream

I dreamed that I came home to my apartment and there was a rat being held hostage underneath a pink bowl right outside my front door.

I walk in to find that there are two large cages set up with multiple levels and all sorts of fun stuff for small animals. One cage had litter and food and a water bottle and a rat inside. The other cage was empty.

My sister and her husband were there, so I asked her about the cages. She said the one that was already filled up was hers and the empty one and the rat in the bowl out on the landing was mine.

I told her that I thought she should have fixed up the cage for my rat while she was fixing up the cage for her rat. She said whatever and disappeared with her husband and the nice cage.

I was left alone with a cage that needed a lot of set-up work and a rat slowly moving the bowl from the front door to my feet.

After that point, the dream changed to something I can’t remember.

I wonder if this is just my mind spewing crap or if it’s me telling myself that I miss having a ratty around.

4 thoughts on “Weird Dream

  1. Maybe you’ve been watching previews for that movie coming out about a rat chef…you obviously need chocolate to soothe your subconscious!!


  2. After reading your comments and thinking about it all day, I’m afraid that you’re reading too much into this.

    I was at PetSmart a week or so ago and was oohing and aahing over the cute ratties for sale.

    Then, last night, Spaz decided that she was gonna earn a trip to a bathtub bed by crapping on the carpet. Again.

    So, it was probably a combintion of remembering how cute and relatively fuss-free having rats was and frustration with Spaz causing me to dream of having a rat for a pet again.


    Anyone want a large, fat orange cat with an attitude?


  3. Sorry, I have the unbridled joy of an attitudinal Siamese with a penchant for projective vomiting. I think I am going to have to pass on a second bundle of joy…


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