I went to see Hairspray tonight and had so much fun! It has a great cast, great songs and fun dance numbers. Plus, a message. We all love messages, right? Well, you should. Anyways, go see it! For folks in the KC area, movies are $6 when you go to Studio 30 on weeknights, which… Continue reading Hairspray



Tonight is the night. I shall be whisked away in a magic carriage, will eat the finest of foods and then I will experience culture. Translation: A friend is gonna pick me up, we’re going to go to Panchos and then we’ll go stand in line for our Harry Potter books. Yay nerdiness! For my… Continue reading Excited!


Freezer Aisle at Target

I picked up some Archer Farms Spinach/Artichoke things that are wrapped up sorta like wontons or crab rangoon. These things are AWESOME! Ten minutes in the oven and I have self-contained gooey spinach, artichoke and cheese yumminess at my fingertips. Can’t wait until I get paid so I can buy some more. 🙂



So, yesterday was fun. If you like sweating a lot. Had knitting tonight, which would have been a lot more fun if the cupcake nazi had not been on the ball. I brought in a carrier of cupcakes, all nice and neatly organized in their lovely plastic case. I swear, I walked about 20 feet… Continue reading Eh