So, yesterday was fun. If you like sweating a lot.

Had knitting tonight, which would have been a lot more fun if the cupcake nazi had not been on the ball. I brought in a carrier of cupcakes, all nice and neatly organized in their lovely plastic case. I swear, I walked about 20 feet into the libary and someone swooped down on me and said we can’t eat them in the room we get to knit in.

Now, I’d like to acquaint you with a few facts.

1. The youngest person in the room who could have eaten cupcakes is 24.
2. We were going to be in a room with a trashcan and a table.
3. WTF, cupcakes. Really. The closest thing to low-mess snackage that I can come up with.

So….my dozen cupcakes went uneaten. I now have to drag them in to work tomorrow and give them to people I don’t like nearly as much as my knitting buddies, just because I don’t need them hanging around the apartment. I swear, not a single cupcake is coming home with me tomorrow. I’ll tip them into the trash first. My fat ass doesn’t need a dozen cupcakes added to it.

But hey! New Dr. Who tomorrow evening. šŸ™‚ I’m excited. I celebrated by watching the first episode of the Christopher Eccleston series. While I love David Tennant, he’s not quite the same. He’s still awesome, but he’s just not quite my Doctor. Chris and his ‘fantastic’, he’s mine.

In a non-creepy, non-celebrity-stalking sort of way. ‘Cause really, he’s a good 15 years too old for me to do that. Only George Clooney gets that sort of older-man drool from me.

Two more geeky TV bonuses for me. There was a marathon of Jake 2.0 on a few days back that I am catching up on AND there’s a marathon of Dead Like Me that is ending in about half an hour. I have so much nerdy tv to catch up on, it’s unreal.

2 thoughts on “Eh

  1. I definitely rode in on the short bus…

    Remember when I told you that Cupcake Nazi kept circling the room and staring in the windows last night, and that she insisted on coming in to “help” with the fan? Duh… She kept looking to see if any of the rest of us had smuggled in contraband! I have never seen her before last night, but we definitely made it onto her radar. I don’t know if the others would have said anything to us or not, and how the hell did she even see them so quickly???

    Silly me, I thought the big metal arches at the front door of the library were metal detectors for weapons… They in fact must be treat detectors set specifically for chocolate frosted cupcakes!



  2. Well, I just missed ALL the fun, didn’t I?!? Dang. Well, anytime y’all wanna come out to Shawnee and munch cupcakes and salsa and whatever else, we can do that!!! I’m sure the cats would looove to help with all the wool…..

    We liked Jake; yet another show that didn’t make the grade with the studio execs, apparently.

    See you Wednesday!


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