Waiting for the heat to break

Oh wow….every year, Kansas in July surprises me. Up until July, I can normally forget how hot it gets and the strength of the humidity. I forget that if you stand outside too long and breath deep, it feels like you are swallowing the air. Come on, October!

Had Eve over Saturday night and we hung out, drank, ate yummy pizza and watched New Kids on the Block videos. Have I mentioned that I have a DVD of NKOTB music videos? No? Well, let me tell you. This is the perfect way to laugh at your childhood and enjoy some hella cheesy moments.

Because it was 7/7/07, Eve insisted we stop at the gas station and buy some lottery tickets. I decided to join her, since I was already buying some Pepsi. Lo and behold, one of my scratcher tickets yielded $50. Thanks KS lottery, you bought me some new shirts, underwear and blue mascara. It’s appreciated, really.

I also finished some yarn on Saturday, so I’m really running out of excuses for why I haven’t put anything up on Etsy yet.

Went out for pie with my friend Robby last night. It was a bit frustrating, because we both ended up with french silk and it just wasn’t that good. It wasn’t until we made it to the counter to pay that we saw it—lovely, luscious pecan pie. Grr…

When I got home at 1:00 last night (pie expeditions only take place late at night), it was to find that my KVM (that’s Keyboard Video Mouse switch to my non-techies, which is probably all of you) had died. My monitor kept flickering on/off and nothing would stay on. So, if anyone’s feeling really sweet and is in the KC area and has a monitor just laying around, I love you. Or a spare KVM switch (not that such a thing exists). Otherwise, my Kubuntu box (that’s linux, y’all) is just gonna sit on the floor, feeling sad and neglected because I am WAY too fucking lazy to bother with crawling around on the floor, switching cables back and forth. Can’t afford a trip to Microcenter until mid-August, which is a long time away if you miss your computer.

But hey! I’ve got three days of vacation looming. You see, Harry Potter shows at 12:01 tonight and I needed to make sure I didn’t have to think about work and being up in the morning and all that boring crap. So…I took today off, so I could sleep in (and it was lovely, thanks). I took tomorrow off, so I could sleep in, since I’m gonna be up until 2:30 (at least!). I took Thursday off because I really wasn’t sure whether the movie would be airing Wednesday morning or Wednesday night when I had scheduled my vacation. Since I already have it off, might as well keep it off.

So, I might get around to taking photos of my stash for Ravelry and cleaning and other good things. Or, I could sit on my ass and spin a lot and watch too much TV and read. Hmm….I wonder which will happen. 😉

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  1. Hmmm, you are a Harry Potter fan, and you laughed at me for the Buffy KAL… Shame on you! Bad, bad girl! Just kidding, and I will look to see if I have a spare monitor downstairs – however it won’t be anything cool, just old and BIG if I do…


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