Tonight is the night. I shall be whisked away in a magic carriage, will eat the finest of foods and then I will experience culture.

Translation: A friend is gonna pick me up, we’re going to go to Panchos and then we’ll go stand in line for our Harry Potter books.

Yay nerdiness!

For my beloved Harry’s sake, I have forsaken:

going out on a date
going to see Hello Dolly (one of my fave musicals) at Theatre in the Park
going to a barbeque
going to a pool party
going to a party party

Why the world is not standing still this weekend for us HP freaks, I would like to know.

Ah well.

So, I’ll get my book tonight, dive into it, read as long as I can stay awake, take a nap, wake up and finish it.

I suspect that by this time tomorrow I will have a slight headache, a feeling of loss and the knowledge of that famous last sentence which ends with the word scar.

I’m taking myself offline very shortly, so there’s no point in trying to give me spoilers. If you do, I will do my best to make your life a misery, which I am well-equipped to do. Ask Jess sometime.

In other, slightly less nerdy news:

Terri has graciously lent me a monitor so I can once again see my linux computer. Hurrah!

I was invited to put stuff in a garage sale in a couple of weeks. I decided that this meant I should de-clutter. I asked Mom if she wanted to help me. After her giddiness wore off, she accepted and came over last night. I have a huge pile of stuff to be labelled, several bags of trash and some rickety bookcases tossed out and access to my crafty wall. Yay for Mom! Would never have done it without her. šŸ™‚

Despite my excitement over Sci-Fi running a Dead Like Me marathon a few weeks ago, I ended up deleting all the episodes on my DVR. Just too much to watch, taking up too much room and mental time.

I’m sad that Hok got knocked off of So You Think You Can Dance last night. I expected it, but I will miss him. I’m kind of upset that Anya got cut instead of Lauren.

I just got a lovely new roving from Flawful Fibers. It’s a merino/bamboo mix that is what I want to call a moody pink. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to take pictures.

2 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. Ooh…roving. I’m not into spinning, but I love the colors…let’s see it! I’m sure it’s delightful. So, the question is, can you knit while you read?!?!?


  2. Were all those things that you cast aside for Harry to take place in one evening? If so, my God have I gotten old – that looks like almost a week worth of outings…

    Enjoy Harry!


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