Harry Potter (no spoilers, I promise)

We got to Borders around 8:00 and picked up our bracelets. We were Blue 3, which just meant we were in the third section of the third group. It was a bit crowded about that time, sort of what you’d expect in a last-week-before-Christmas crowd.

From that point, it just snowballed. More and more people kept showing up. When we decided we wanted drinks, it took us 15 minutes of waiting in line.

By midnight, there was no discernible organization. We were all still just standing around at that point. They started calling for everyone in the first group to line up and people finally started to trickle out of there.

I had expected a well-organized and planned event. Instead, the lady on the loudspeaker was not loud enough to be heard over all of us breathing. We exeeded the fire code by a great deal, but nobody was herded outside. There was no order to the line and it was incredibly easy to cut.

By the time it was our turn to get in line, I was tired and feeling faint due to the hundreds of people being crammed into a relatively small space.

Got out of there at about 1:15, home shortly after.

Finished the book just before 7:00 and fell asleep to daylight.

I didn’t think that it was written quite as well as I have come to expect from JKR–the middle feels a bit slow to me. The resolution of the book was what I expected. Honestly, after re-reading HBP last week, I was more interested in how she was going to handle Snape than Harry. I thought that Snape was handled well.

Anyways, if you’re a Potterhead and haven’t read it yet, shame on you. If you are and liked it, email me or IM me and we’ll gossip about it. My domain name is rather helpful for figuring out my gmail address and how to IM me on most mediums. 😀

Mischief managed!