I notice it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I’m gonna blame the godawful heat/humidity we’ve been having. I am a delicate flower, so I wilt in the heat. Then I get all red and sweaty. Not too sexy. 😦

Anyways, now that half my audience has been scared, let me go over a few things with you.

Last Tuesday, there were no Hairspray soundtracks in the KC Metro area. NONE. Amazon is bringing mine to me tomorrow. Yay, Amazon!

Friday, when driving home, I noticed a puddle of antifreeze under the car as I was pumping gas. Once again, a hose blew. My uncle towed it and fixed it for me over the weekend. He’s awesome. 🙂

One of my best friends finally got to meet Lily tonight. Sadly, she was a bit fussy, but he still thinks she’s pretty darn cute.

Got my hair punched up tonight, so it’s back to being fun. It’s a good thing, because I was getting a tequila sunrise look.

Participated in a garage sale yesterday. Made somewhere around $20, but we weren’t able to take much stuff due to car size. Ah well. I’d like to be in one next spring, when it’s not hideously disgusting outside.

I have “Steal My Kisses” stuck in my head. I wish someone would. Anyways.

I am not actively knitting on anything right now. I think I finally understand all those people who have said “It’s too hot to knit.” I didn’t believe them last year, but last year summer wasn’t so damned hot.

Always have to steal my kisses from you…always have to steal my kisses from you…

Spaz pooped on my favorite Mary Janes on Friday. Devil cat! She spent some Quality Time in the bathroom. About 16 hours worth of QT. Lucky kitty.

Confirmed that there is yarn at Tuesday Morning. Also confirmed that the yarn at Tuesday Morning is crap yarn, such as Lion Brand ribbon yarn and Moonlight Mohair. That said, if you are a Lion Brand afficionado, get your ass down there pronto.

While at Tuesday Morning, I did pick up a little sack that was designed as a play sack so kids can haul around their toys in it. It’s blue with strawberries on it. I’d show you a picture, but I’m way too hot to do anything but sit and type right now. The sack is the perfect size for carrying around a sock! No longer can my yarn, needles and headphones get tangled up in my purse! Hurrah!

Spaz is flat on her back on the linoleum in the kitchen. I think it’s her way of agreeing that it’s damn hot outside.

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  1. Punched up??? I can’t wait to see what punched up is… Does the air not work in your apartment?

    When did Tuesday Morning get yarn, and why?


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