So, to catch anyone up who may need it, I can be a dumbass on occasion. Now, I can be the smartest person in the room sometimes. I can be the lone voice of reason and common sense in some situations.

Put me in a situation that involves me and my money and I turn into a dumbass. Mom is nodding her head and sighing.

Case in point. I love to read. One might say I am addicted to the written word. If I go a day without reading anything, something is very wrong in my world.

Therefore, you would think that the library would be my best friend. After all, it’s within walking distance from my apartment. Free books, all you have to do is bring them back on time!

And there we run into the problem. See, seven years ago, I had a library card. With that card, I checked out about a dozen books….and then didn’t return them until a few weeks after their due dates. That created a fairly sizeable fine.

Now, when you try to pay a fairly sizeable fine with not enough money in the checking account, the check bounces. See the earlier comment about stupidity with money.

So….not only did I have a fine, but then I had a bounced check fee and everything was more than I could afford at that point.

Wednesday night, I decided to see if I can get a card again. As soon as I get together $187, it’s back to all free books, all the time.


At least I can do payments.

One thought on “Library

  1. I am so sorry. At least you know now, and you can get the situation rectified. I do think you are still one of the sharpest knives in the drawer…


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