Spelling Nazi

Minor Irritation

To all the bloggers out there who wish to give the impression they have proper command of the English language: Things do not peak your interest, they pique your interest.

The Dictionary.com definition of peak says nothing about capturing one’s interest.

The Dictionary.com definition of pique does.

3. to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.): Her curiosity was piqued by the gossip.

2 thoughts on “Minor Irritation

  1. For the people who do not have command of the English language, “mashing down at ‘er spell checkin’ button ain’t gunno do no good”, Missy, ya hear?

    All jokes aside, it makes me crazy too. I wonder do they not proof read, or do they really and truly in their hearts believe that the word usage is correct? Just remember the famous quote from Forrest Gump – “Stupid is as stupid does…”


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