Go away, bugs!

In the past week, I have found three dead crickets and a dead june bug in my apartment.

Yesterday morning, a grasshopper was hanging out on the visor and scared the crap out of me. When I got to work, a daddy long legs walked across my cubicle wall and took a year or two off my life.

Can it freeze, so we can get rid of all the damned bugs? I’d appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Go away, bugs!

  1. Okay, so, let me get the count straight:
    Crickets: 3
    June Bugs: 1
    Grasshopper: 1
    Itty Bitty Teensie Weensie Spider on a desk: 1

    I leave the house at 4:45, and I have to turn off all the flood lights on the front of the house, to avoid the locusts, cicadas(sp?), june bugs, moths, and various other flying objects that pool around my garage door. And that only allows me not to see the impending doom before me. There was a spider, no shit, SNACKING on a locust this morning. It had to be the size of a silver dollar around, hanging from my garage door. So, yea. Crickets are noisy, June bugs suck, but just be thankful you do not own a house.

    I POURED over this entry numerous times until I found something that piqued my interest to write about. Other readers can put that in there pipe and smoke it. (expletive deleted)


  2. This has been a very buggy summer for me as well. We have had crickets, ants, spiders, mosquitos, and flies – all of course inside. They are gone now, but ladybugs keep getting in. I have already transplanted four ladybugs outside this week.

    I am not a bug lover – eck!


  3. We’re having an influx of WASPS, of all things……the cats are impressed, and we’re *hard* pressed to prevent the nasty buggers from getting caught by those stupid furry paws….. I think they’re trying to make up for the cooler summer so far…all at once…..eew.


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