Post? Me? Nah…

Ooops….it’s been a few days since I posted. And I was trying to be better about updating more often. Really.

Unfortunately, life got in the way. Big shocker there.

Helped my sister move last weekend and I’ve been over there a lot this week, helping her adjust to the new place.

Lily’s getting bigger and now watches people and smiles a lot.

I got my hair cut this weekend. I was going to wait until I refreshed the pink in my hair before I put a picture up, but things keep getting in the way. Perhaps I’ll snap a picture tomorrow and upload it.

I don’t know anything interesting that I want to talk about. I know interesting things, but they are all rather sucky, so I’m gonna bypass them.

Instead, I will close with something that makes me very, very happy. I thought the horn didn’t work in the car I drive, which means that it’s much harder for people to know that I am making rude gestures and comments about their driving ability. However…tonight, just for kicks, I gave it a go and I could honk at someone! It was almost like being in a real car!

Speaking of the car, I decided I would try to name it because I was told that it was perhaps mad at me because it was nameless.

Therefore it is no longer it, but Margaret Mary. Cast your mind back to 1994. It was a younger, gentler time when you didn’t wince at the thought of Mel Gibson in a movie. Maverick.

He comes across a wagon train that has just been robbed. The two women in charge bargain with him to go after the thiefs and retrieve their belongings.

Margaret Mary, who is quite unattractive, asks him to go get her wedding dress and then simpers at Mel Gibson.

So that’s the car…butt-ass ugly, but still hopeful. Margaret Mary.

3 thoughts on “Post? Me? Nah…

  1. We’ve got a 30-quart mixing bowl named “Bubba”….but haven’t named the cars…Glad your horn works..that can be a real necessity..especially when driving in Missouri!!!!!


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