Recent Purchases

Okay, just got paid today and as usual, had to make sure that some of that money was back in the economy by midnight.

Went by the comic book store and got the last of the Dark Tower series, a new comic I’d not tried called The Mice Templar and the illustrated version of Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Dark Tower was good as always. Mice Templar was…ok. I am gonna have to try reading it again when I am not eager to flip through Stardust. Now Stardust is the jewel of the trip. The illustrations are beautiful! I’m looking forward to re-reading this, just so I can look at the pretty pictures. I’m such a girl sometimes.

Later, I went to Target with Jess. I picked up a Mr. Clean bathroom doohickey. I’ll let you know how that goes.

For my fun target food purchases, I got:

Meyer lemon cake mix which will become cupcakes as soon as I figure out how to make lemon icing
Alexia olive oil, rosemary and garlic oven fries
Slimfast milk chocolate pre-mixed shakes because I am way too lazy to eat breakfasts

Sadly, I could not find Honey Smacks. Have you ever just suddenly wanted a food you haven’t had in YEARS and it’s not there? Yeah, that’s where I am tonight. I’m gonna go make myself a quesadilla and sulk.