Lazy Git

So, you already knew I was lazy, right? Excellent. Then everyone (but Jess) will forget the fact that I haven’t posted in, um, two weeks. In this time, you have missed: A trip to an alpaca farm A trip to the Ren Fest Rearranging my apartment Replacing my cable box (again) The start and finish… Continue reading Lazy Git



I went to Panchos for dinner. There’s one on my way home, it’s located on 87th street, just east of 69 highway. Earlier today I heard about their Texano burrito which has chicken, potatoes, cheese and sour cream in it. It was delicious and it only cost me $3.50. Gotta love that. Another plus to… Continue reading Panchos



Perhaps you know the answers. If so, please comment or email me! 1. Know where I can get a few pounds of cotton/wool roving in a dark non-pink grey? Preferably under $30/pound. 2. Why has my apartment turned into a cricket graveyard? As soon as I think I’ve picked them all up, I find another… Continue reading Questions