Minor Rants

1. Apparently fast food companies hate us and think that America is full of morons. I’m basing this decision off TV commercials I have seen this past month. I am not sure I’ve seen a TV commercial for a fast food restaurant that hasn’t made me consider throwing something at the TV.

2. I have found about a gazillion dead crickets in my apartment. I applaud the fact that Spaz is taking action and taking out the crickets, but can’t she carry them to the trash can or her litterbox or something? I hate touching insects, dead or alive.

3. Rockstar by Nickelback has been stuck in my head for a week or two now. It wouldn’t be so bad, if it would go away when I listen to it, as normally happens for me. But no, it looks like it’s sticking. On the subject of earworms, Jolly Holiday from Mary Poppins wanders in and out of my mind at least once a week. Shoot me, please.

4. It’s getting dark earlier and earlier outside which is fine with me because that means that it’s getting cooler outside and before you know it the leaves will be turning orange and yellow and red and that great fall scent will be in the air. I only have two problems with this fact. The first is that whenever I turn on my headlights I have to use pliers because the knob broke. Picture doing that for a week. The second problem is that my apartment complex has the lights for the entryway on a timer and they don’t turn on until around 9:30 or so. It was rainy today and honestly, I could have stood to have the lights on at 6:30 when I came in.

5. I’m broke. It really sucks when you have to seriously consider whether or not you want to use some of the remaining money in your bank account to purchase toilet paper. It was only $2.99, so it wasn’t that hard to decide. But still…the fact that I had to stop and think about it sucks.

6. Dating in KC or even thinking about dating in KC is wretched. I can’t think of good places to go to meet guys. Everywhere I can think of is either booze-related or somewhere I’m not likely to find a straight guy who wasn’t dragged there by his wife or girlfriend. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Minor Rants

  1. My cat is the best ant eater/fly catcher. And lucily, he usually eats them. Best trick I tought the little fellow.

    I wish I knew where to make friends. Online almost seems like a logical choice because you can connect with so many people… but if I go into a chat room I feel lame. And there are more “dating sites” than “find a friend” sites. Most people I know though didn’t have the best luck on dating websites. My finance and I actually connected first through myspace. We realized we had similar interest as well as mutual friends so it all worked out. Good luck!


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