Perhaps you know the answers. If so, please comment or email me!

1. Know where I can get a few pounds of cotton/wool roving in a dark non-pink grey? Preferably under $30/pound.

2. Why has my apartment turned into a cricket graveyard? As soon as I think I’ve picked them all up, I find another one.

3. Are you going to the Ren Fest this year?

4. Want to buy something from me? I have games, CDs, DVDs, and all sorts of random stuff.

5. Do you think I will meet my goal of finding a new boytoy by the end of the year? Discuss.

6. Will you clean my bathroom? I will pay you/barter goods. Just not, you know, myself.

7. Why is Etsy not letting me buy one of the bags I want?

8. Did Mom bribe Etsy to not sell me stuff?

9. Will you help me sew stuff? I can knit all sorts of stuff, but properly threading my sewing machine gives me hives.

10. Why does Spaz act like a crackhead? She’s all twitchy.

11. Do you find that you are able to drag on blog entries when you do lists? I do.

12. Buy me a car?

13. Do you suffer from triskaidekaphobia?

14. What do you think about my new shoes?

15. Did you ever think I was going to stop?

5 thoughts on “Questions

  1. 1. No.
    2. Because they know Spaz needs something to play with, so they sacrifice themselves for her better good.
    3. Mmmm, I dunno.
    4. Nope, I have no room for all of my stuff as it is.
    5. Sure you will.
    6. Again the answer is no…I still have enough to do at my own place.
    7. It knows you need a new car.
    8. No, she didn’t.
    9. I like to sew…let’s find a project to do.
    10. Hey, you had plenty of warning before you got her.
    11. Uh, not really.
    12. Hahaha
    13. Nope.
    14. Sweetness
    15. Did you think I was going to say yes to any of the other questions?


  2. 1. Tried finding some…you’re right, it’s all got pink in it…
    2. They do seem attracted to some places; don’t know why. Our high school was *covered* every year…so gross.
    3. No Ren Fest, tho’ a friend’s son is in it.
    4. Trying to get rid of a bunch of my own stuff….no more!!!!
    5. Got me. I’m trying to keep my sons from getting involved..they’ve got more important things to do!
    6. Okay, c’mon..how hard can it be to clean a bathroom that’s used by one person and a cat?!? I’ve got five…wanna come clean mine?!?!
    7. No clue. Never bought anything on etsy… Do you NEED another bag!?!
    8. Suspicious minds….
    9. Eew. I’ve got mending to do left from last winter…haven’t touched it.
    10. Maybe the change in the weather? Our cats have been freaking out more lately…
    11. Wish I could!
    12. Cool..very cool.
    13. Nope. Just a number.
    14. Hey, we’ve all gotta have a hobby!


  3. 1. Etsy – tee hee!
    2. Me too, and I have no clue…
    3. Yes, but unsure of the weekend.
    4. Your spinning wheel.
    5. Absolutely. You will find him when you are
    least looking for him.
    6. I charge one spinning wheel per bathroom.
    7. What did you do to them?
    8. Is everyone in your family capable of such?
    9. You would not want me to.
    10. Nature of the beast.
    11. Yep.
    12. Matchbox.
    13. Not afraid of any numbers.
    14. Very hip!
    15. I was sure you were going to stop so that you
    could clean your bathroom and pick up dead


  4. Mom:

    6. No way…I’ve been in there!
    8. No….tempting, but no
    9. Give me the instruction booklet and I’ll help you thread the stupid machine.


  5. well, i have the memory of a goldfish.
    but i will gladly sew for you
    and … i forgot what else i was going to say…


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