Okay, I have a laundry confession for you. But first, I want to preface this post with a short warning: I typically do not clean. Ever. If you are easily skeeved, scamper off and come back later.


Anyways. So, I’ve had this one comforter since I was in second grade. My grandma got it for me and it has twelve pastel cats on a white background for the front and blue with white polka dots on the back. It has a very smooth fabric and feels cool in the summer and keeps me warm as a layer in the winter. It’s still my favorite comforter, even though I have grown out of the phase of needing cats on everything.

Looking back, I have had this blanket for almost 20 years. (By the way, I just scared myself with that calculation.) I know it was washed when I was a kid and in high school because my mom either did it or she made me do it.

But, you know…when you move out and you start having to hoard quarters for laundry, you focus on the more essential items. Panties, socks, jeans, shirts, towels and occasionally your sheets. You know, the things that tend to get noticeably dirty quickly. Items like comforters and blankets are viewed as a waste of your precious laundry resources.

My much beloved blanket has slowly started disintegrating, which only helped me procrastinate washing it for even longer. I finally got my sewing machine figured out (thanks, Mom!) and stitched up a few loose seams. Once it was washer-friendly again, I promptly tossed it in the washer with a few helpings of a stain remover, lots of laundry soap and some oxiclean.

Disgustingly enough, with all the not washing, the blanket had turned from white to cream to light tan. After spending $2.75, it is now fluffy and the white parts are white again. I am fairly disgusted with both the blanket’s previous state and myself. I need to go buy a roll of quarters so I can wash the rest of my blankets now.

One thought on “Eww!!!

  1. I’m a mom. Very little disgusts me. My son’s comforter came home looking pretty brown recently….he’d been sleeping on the floor, sleeping with his dog, and in general…not washing it. Amazing what some soap and water do! Glad your comforter is back to a friendlier state of being!!!


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