Tom Bihn Swift

Hurrah! The Swift by Tom Bihn has arrived. I love TB bags…I have a cafe bag that I only stopped using as my main bag once I realized I can’t fit a book and a sock in progress in it if I want to have room for everything else.

But now the greatness of Tom Bihn has reached out to me and brought me a lovely knitting bag. I could have been patient and asked for it as a Christmas gift, but then I would have had to wait. Plus, it might have sold out. How horrible would that have been? I got it in the Kelly/Navy colors. My only regret is that there was no Kelly/Black or Wasabi/Black option. Ah well.

There *is* a Wasabi/Black Large Cafe bag…perhaps that’ll go on my Christmas list. Along with some clear pouches…and an extra yarn sack!

I have a feeling this has made me useless for the rest of the evening. I’m gonna go rock in my chair and mutter about my precious now.

2 thoughts on “Tom Bihn Swift

  1. I am compelled to ask why is this the first I am hearing of Tom Bihn bags? You know I live under a rock…

    So which size cafe bag do you already have, what color is it, and have I not seen it?

    The new knitting bag looks pretty cool, but none of the color combinations really do much for me right now – but maybe one will grow on me. Knit Picks has a new bag that kind of has my interested (just for you) piqued right now. In the catalog, it was shown in kind of a wasabi color, but it is a constructed case rather than the bag you just ordered, and I think I prefer the non-constructed case style.

    I will let you get back to your rocking now…


  2. *sigh* I’m so glad you found what you were looking for…(thank you, Bono)….I’m having absolutely no success finding a new purse/bag…I wear all of mine out ’till they’re pretty dead, but when I need one, I need one. As for Tom Bihn…I’m gonna go crawl under the rock with Terri……Enjoy!


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