Kitchen Time

I have spent most of my day in the kitchen or doing kitchen-related activities.

First, I cleaned the kitchen. The countertops are currently visible. Go me! The sink was clean for a brief period of time.

Next, I fried up some bacon. This was breakfast and the remaining bacon is going to be crumbled over baked potatoes later this week.

While the bacon was frying, I unloaded and reloaded my dishwasher. I also made six quarts of super-strong, sweet tea with my iced tea maker.

After the bacon, I made a loaf of bread using a mix I had bought at the store. I’ve never made bread by myself before, so I thought I’d start with training wheels, first. 😉 I helped my step-dad make sourdough bread years ago, but helping someone else is just not the same as doing it yourself.

While the bread was rising, I worked on copying down recipes. My mom gave me her tin of recipes with recipes dating back to when she was in high school. For Christmas two years ago, I received a recipe box from my dad’s family with a few starter recipes from the family. I copied down my favorites of Mom’s recipes and put them into my (relatively) new recipe box.

I’m now entering the recipes in my recipe box into Recipezaar. Unsurprisingly, my username is angelchrys. If you know of a better online recipe site, please let me know and I’ll switch there. I’ve just heard this is a good place and if I decide to pay for a premium subscription ($25/year), I can even get nutrition information on my recipes. Pretty sweet, yes?

The bread just came out of the oven and I had a slice. It’s not bad. It’s nice and brown on top, but still soft in the middle. I have another box of bread mix in the cabinet and when that’s been made, I’ll try and do it all by myself. If I decide to keep this bread-making up, I will probably end up getting a bread machine.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Time

  1. Bread needs to cool for at least 30 minutes before consumption. Torturous, yes, but necessary. The moisture will continue to evaporate and the middle won’t be so soft. The whole “fresh from the oven” thing is a mis-characterization…..bread is gooey fresh from the oven. Once it’s cooled out of the oven it can be re-heated if needed.

    Great work, though, you got more done than I!!!


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