Etsy Fun

I haven’t made any Etsy recommendations in a while and I’m feeling all crafty since I went to the Creative Hand show, so enjoy the links, my crafty friends. Also, if you are in the KC area and it’s Saturday, 11/17, get your butt to the show. If you can’t find something you want, I don’t know you anymore.

Would you like some handspun from one of Blue Mountain Fiber Arts Sheep to Sock kits? This is a lovely pink, brown and cream DK-weight yarn that reminds me of melted Neopolitan ice cream.

Perhaps you prefer pink and green? This is nearly 500 yards of sock-weight yarn handspun from Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino.

Next up we have some worsted weight yarn that is purple and green that is navajo-plied. Makes me want to pull out the wheel and practice navajo-plying!

This bulky weight yarn called Plum Honey just makes me want to squish it. If you play with yarn, you will instinctively try to squeeze the screen when you see this.

For the spinners out there, how about a Kitchen Sink batt? You’re almost guaranteed some fun novelty yarn when you spin this.

I suggest checking out Flawful Fibers’ Fiber Fix Lite subscription if you spin! Three months of different fibers. I signed up once and received gorgeous rovings!

I am of the opinion that most knitters need the Knitting Nerd decal for their car windows.

Should I ever win the lottery, I am gonna go through my Etsy favorites list and have a shopping spree. Two of the items I have been drooling over but just can’t afford are this pendant and this Canarywood bowl.

3 thoughts on “Etsy Fun

  1. I hope you had fun at the craft fair! I had fun at Knit Wit this morning (ahem). I think I see a show and tell in our future……I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!!!


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