Dedicated to Terri

Terri pointed out to me tonight that I have been neglecting my blog. This one’s for you, Terri! Please read below to see several bits of randomness strung together in one entry because I’m way too lazy to create seperate entries.


Do you know what really, really sucks? Ice. And snow. And freezing rain. Unfortunately, we’ve had all of it in the past week. I’m getting a bit tired of the winter weather.

It’d be different if, say, I had a good car. The one I am driving was lent to me by my father, who no doubt thought he’d get it back ages ago. I’m currently in the process of buying a car from a friend and hope to have my own wheels again by the end of January. Until then, I have to baby this one and try to avoid things like doing a 180 on the highway or blowing out two tires while trying to go up a hill (both happened last winter). I am being more cautious with the winter driving. I even came home early today so I could avoid driving in this crud at night.


Because I came home early, I had time for a mini-marathon. One of my favorite movies is Shop Around The Corner. I remember watching it as a kid and getting pulled away from the TV before the end of the movie. I didn’t know the name of the movie or who was in it, so I had no way of getting my ending.

The storyline has imprinted itself on me–I have written a short story with a similar storyline, almost always buy books with this type of storyline and have bought several DVDs.

After finishing up Shop Around the Corner, I followed up with In The Good Old Summertime with Judy Garland. This movie lifts several lines of the script from Shop Around the Corner, which can be a bit jarring in a musical.

The remake most people will be familiar with is You’ve Got Mail which starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. That’s what’s currently running in the DVD player.


Speaking of the DVD player, it seems like my electronics are trying to mess with me lately. The DVD player is in need of replacing–it’s starting to whirr so loudly that at times it drowns out the sound of what I’m watching. I have a switcher in my bedroom so I can hook up my NES, SNES and DVD player to my VCR. Well, I did have a switcher until it crapped out. I also had to get a new phone recently because the screen decided it no longer wanted to light up on my old one.


I have a Blackberry Pearl. It is the new hotness. Enough so that I am willing to use the phrase “new hotness.” I have downloaded all sorts of free themes, ring tones and wallpapers. Want to look at Johnny Depp? Whenever I do, I can now set him as my screensaver. Mmm….


I have my Christmas cards all written, stamped and addressed. I need to put my return address on them so I can send them out. Hmm…sounds like something to do on my break tomorrow at work. I thought I had some of those dippy labels that the Wildlife Foundation (or something like that) periodically sends me, but apparently no. I will be spending some Quality Time with my glitter gel pen very soon. Before Christmas, preferably.


Speaking of Christmas, this one is going to be weird. I have spent the past few Christmases with someone and it’s going to be weird to go back to being single for Christmas. Actually, that is Single. I imagine that I will be asked if I still work at such and such a place, if I have a boyfriend, all the classic questions. I know that people are meaning well when they ask these questions, but it still sucks. Why not ask me about my hobbies or my friends or even the devil kitty? Being defined by my job (dead-end) and love life (non-existent) is rather depressing.


To avoid ending on a depressing note, I would like to share the following links with you:

A sheep jumping on a bed. If you can watch this and not smile, you have a cold, cold heart and will die alone. Or else you don’t like animals and cuteness. Which is scary to me.

Pop-Up Video! Thank you, VH1, for bringing the magic of Pop-Up Video back to me.

Don’t want to give out your SSN to all and sundry? Check out this guide on ways to avoid handing out your SSN. Remember, it’s not necessary to give out your SSN at the drop of a hat.

Winter Knitty is up! Knitters, rejoice! I am very interested in the Jeannie pattern. I can’t wait to see a few of them knitted up on Ravelry.

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  1. I didn’t mean to say you have neglected your posting, just that I was ready for a new one. Unfortunately, my foot seems to live in my mouth.

    Sorry about all your electronics banning together to screw with you.


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