Across the Universe

Right, so I know I’m supposed to be saving money. However, Tuesday when this comes out on DVD, it’s either being rented or purchased. And if you can’t guess what I’m doing by seven in the evening on Tuesday, you don’t know me very well.

At knitting tonight, I mentioned that I have added another Brit to my LIST. Yeah, I’ve heard all about the bad teeth and bad manners of the boys across the pond, but when they look like this, sing like this and have cute accents like this, I just don’t care.

Jim Sturgess, starring in Across the Universe:

One thought on “Across the Universe

  1. Okay, so while you’re out purchasing/renting your video you’re gonna go open a savings account, right?!?

    Boy, he’s got that whole David Tennant thing going, too….and sort of a David Cassidy thing with the hair….I miss that hairstyle on guys….we’ll talk about how OLD I am another time…! Cute, cute….


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