My Car is Trying to Kill Me

Yesterday evening I had plans to go to dinner with my friend Elizabeth. I was on my way to her place when I noticed…wobbling.

Now, there is never a good time for your car to wobble. Wobble is a banned word when used around cars in general.

I turned off the road I was on to get onto a little side street, put on my flashers and got out of the car to look at my wheels.

I couldn’t see what was wrong at that point, so I tried to go a bit longer. MAJOR wobbling at that point. Pulled into a parking lot, got out of the car and then I figured out the problem.

You know how your wheels are supposed to be perpendicular to the road? The front driver’s side tire was leaning out at an angle and was being held in place by ONE lugnut.

Think about that.

ONE LUGNUT was holding my damn tire on!!!

It freaked me out a bit, as you can guess.

My super-duper uncle came and took my car and fixed the tire and put new lugnuts on it and my super-duper friend Elizabeth plied me with booze.

I’m just glad I didn’t take the highway home from work last night, because I probably would have lost a tire going 60 mph on I-35. I wonder how many wrecks that would have caused…

So! In less than two weeks, I am getting a car that is not hell-bent on my destruction. It’ll be nice.

I swear, I have bad car karma or something. Perhaps I pissed off the God of Cars. What kind of offering do you think I should offer up to appease the God of Cars? Motor oil and lugnuts?

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