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Homonyms (or why I want to smack people)

Whilst wandering about the internet, I stumbled across something that made me see red for a brief moment.

Yes, someone said “mute point” again.

I know that none of you are so obnoxious as to wander about the net, abusing our rather interesting language.

But in case you forgot, I need to put this reminder out there.

Moot: Obsolete, irrelevant, no longer matters

Mute: Does not make sound, silent

Example: Incorrect word usage makes me mute with anger. I hope that someday this will be a moot issue.

4 thoughts on “Homonyms (or why I want to smack people)

  1. So a mime who has been fired would be a “moot mute”?

    If a lot of people like a secondary destination, they all want to go “to two too”.


  2. My personal peeve: “pour” and “pore”. As in: I was “pouring” (AUGH!) over a manuscript……snarl, growl…..


  3. Maybe the mute was moot as he suffered with depression and felt obsolete, irrelevant, and that he no longer mattered. Nothing worse than a suicidally depressed moot mute…


  4. Wow! You’re examples are amazing! hehehe. I’m funny. That’s what annoys me the most…you’re and your. oh! and there, their, and they’re. it’s not that difficult, peeps! But really, I was impressed with the examples…you should right or teach or something. hehehe…I did it again!


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