More Than Decluttering

I will be moving in a few months. Great, yeah? The scary bit is that I am going to be downsizing from a one bedroom apartment into a room, possibly with a bit of storage space. Any recommendations on what I should keep? Trash? Donate? Sell? Want to help me get rid of stuff?

4 thoughts on “More Than Decluttering

  1. Downsizing?!? Cleaning out?!!?? Do you Really Want to invite the Duchesses of Dumping into the fray?!?
    I take it you’re moving in with your sister? I’ll start collecting boxes……


  2. What!?! You’re moving?!? Why am I always the last one to hear about these things? I feel so left out of the loop.

    My advice though…dump the cat, but keep the plant. 😉


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