It’s been a while. I’ve got plenty to talk about, just nothing I really think is either blog-appropriate or blog-worthy. I mean, you guys don’t want to read about my day of appointments or a software update that I’m running or how I have read yet another book.

Or maybe you do? What do you want to read about? Comment and it will eventually show up to me and I’ll write a new post about whatever you suggested.

I’m off to go stare at the walls or something.


2 thoughts on “Right

  1. I am always interested in the book list of others that I share common interests with. As the reigning Queen of Awesome, it might be interesting if you had a sidebar on your blog with blogs and other sites you like to visit with a notation here and there in your own posts as to why you you visit that blog.

    I will try to remember to bring some Allen wrenches on Wednesday. Let me know if Blackberry Jesus is still not well.


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